How To Choose The Best Squirrel Removal Services

Outside of pigeons, squirrels are the most common species of animals a city dweller is most likely to run into. You’ll find them around wooded areas, trees and bushes and around lawns. Squirrels are famous for running up trees and roof tops, grabbing nuts and acorns and hiding them, and running across electrical wires and other places.

In most cases, squirrels are not much of a nuisance – it is when they gain access to your home that they become a problem. Once they get inside your attic, basement, walls and other parts of your home, squirrels become destructive and quite a nuisance. Once this happens, most people have no choice but to call an exterminator.

Choosing the Best Squirrel Removal Services

Squirrel removal companies come in different shapes and sizes. To a newbie, choosing the right services can be a daunting task. In addition to being licensed and certified, a squirrel removal service should also be able to tailor their services to suit your individual needs.

Customized Plan Of Action – A reliable service provider will start by inspecting your home or place of business before formulating the best solution. They’ll need to figure out how squirrels are getting into your premise, the amount of damage they’ve caused and the best action to take. Once the inspection is complete, a reliable service should provide you with a cost estimate before you are expected to commit.

Long Term Solutions – As opposed to simply getting rid of the squirrels, the service provider should focus on fixing the various entry points squirrels might be using to get into your premise. A good service will also provide tips on how to prevent future infestations.

Understand Squirrel Behavior – A reliable service should know much about squirrels in order to provide the best service. They should know where squirrels are likely to gain entry to your premise and when squirrels are reproducing.

Humane – Make sure you only hire a company that uses humane processes to capture squirrels. Go for companies that make use of one way traps and live traps such as cage traps. Avoid services that use harmful capture devices such as leg holds.

Proper Training – Even with proper certification, a company still needs to provide proof that its workers are professionally trained for the job. Squirrel removal usually involves working at heights and not everyone can handle this. The technicians should therefore hold Great Heights/Fall Arrest Certification which is proof that they are qualified for the job. To protect yourself from lawsuits and expensive medical bills, make sure the company carries Worker’s Compensation Insurance which covers medical expenses in case a technician gets injured while working at your premise.

Friendly and Honest – From the minute you contact the company to the minute they complete the job, a reliable company should be easy to deal with. They should be friendly and truthful when dealing with you. This will ensure you have a good experience working with the crew sent over.

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