How Much Compensation Can You Get For A Truck Accident?

Truck accidents can occur due to negligent and distracted driving, improper loading of goods, and unmaintained trucks. The victim of the accident can also be partially negligent, and the responsibility can be shared by both parties involved. 

Based on the damages incurred and who was majorly responsible, the victim has the legal right to seek compensation for their losses. The settlement helps them pay for the unprecedented expenses they incurred. A truck accident lawyer conducts a thorough investigation of the case to determine the drivers’ liabilities and take appropriate action. A truck accident lawyer Albuquerque can help draw a fair estimate of the settlement you deserve. 

The factors on which the compensation is calculated. 

Healthcare expenses.

Medical care is expensive. Several medical examinations are carried out to detect and diagnose the injuries you endured because of the accident, such as X-rays and CT scans. Common injuries caused by truck accidents include internal organ complications, nerve damage, neck pain, whiplash, spinal injuries, paralysis, and head injuries such as concussions. Treatment is required to effectively heal these injuries or manage them by reducing their intensity. Along with the first aid you receive at the accident scene, you might require surgeries, medication, and other procedures such as physical therapy. Your lawyer collects a detailed report of all your health complications from the accident as proof for your compensation. 

Lost wages. 

Accidents can change a person’s life. The injuries sustained might entirely prevent them from working or reduce their capabilities. The compensation covers the wages lost by the person during their treatment and recovery until they can work. Severe injuries might affect a person’s motor and cognitive skills, while disabilities and chronic pain make the victim unable to work. If the victim was the main financial caretaker for the rest of the family, the loss of the income hinders the lifestyle they are accustomed to and might lead to financial stress. In cases like these, the family and its future are taken into consideration before deciding the value. 

Damage to your vehicle. 

Not only are trucks heavier and larger than a regular car, but they also carry cargo that can be hazardous substances. If the products or the truck caused damage to your car, such as dents and scratches or even completely demolishing it. An estimate from repair services is taken to be added to your total compensation. 

Non-monetary losses. 

Truck accidents can be tragic and disturb an individual’s mental peace. The person can develop anxiety, lose their appetite, have terrifying flashbacks and depressive episodes. They might isolate themselves and have suicidal thoughts. Disabilities and losing their job might make them feel useless and frustrated. It is common to get diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder after such incidents. A lawyer can help prove the emotional pain suffered by their client and receive compensation for the same. 


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