How can you mark a deck of cards with invisible ink?

In this article, we are going to tell you how to mark a deck of cards with invisible ink.Also, we will talk about how long does the ink lasts and different ways of putting the ink on these cards.

What is a marked deck of cards?

Marked deck of cards is those which are commonly used for magic tricks and also in poker for cheating.A marked deck of cards was originally found and made in the year 2016 with the evolution of technology.They used the latest technology to develop an ink that was earlier made from normal ink.

They took the old ink and did some research on it, and made a new kind of invisible ink.This ink was also called the luminous or marked ink for the cards made for cheating. you can goto this site to buy these cards.

Also, you will get different information on how to use and also how they make them.This company has been in the market for a long time, and they know everything about making them perfect.This means that only the lens which they provide can see the marks which they have made.

Marked cards are considered cheating, so all guards are equipped with anti-cheating devices.These devices will catch anyone who has brought any kind of rigged device with them.

What is a marking ink?

This is a whole kit that comes with the tools and things you can use to mark these cards easily.This kit can be used by you whenever you want and even in person.This kit is sold by many companies, but we prefer you to buy from marked cards for sale.This is a company that is in this market for a long time, and they know everything.

You can either get an ink kit or an ink pen to make the cards for your use.This ink is made with a mixture of some powder and also liquid to make it invisible.This is what makes their ink so special and can only be spotted by the lens they provide you.

How long does this invisible ink mark?

People usually ask this question about how long do these things last on the card.The answer is most of them last very long while some of them not so much.So it is better that you take a good marking ink so that it stays for a long time and does not fade away.

The ink which is provided in this kit will last at least three years on these cards.But if you buy cheap ink, then it might not even last three months and start to fade away.If your laser marks the card with the ink, then it will last around a whole year.

If you mark the card with the cur our or the blocking design, then it might last only 14 days.So you should take a marking ink kit. It might cost you, but it is worth the money and the cards.

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