How Can You Improve Your Team’s Communication Skills?

The skill of communication is the most demanded skill all over the world. One who can speak and listen effectively never fails in any field or business. Business is all about influencing your customers or clients to avail of your services. If your way of communicating is attractive to clients, you can boost your business.

Deborah Morrish Toronto is a professional team leader and a great educator. She has led several teams to success. Thus, feel free to learn from her.

Companies prefer to hire people who communicate efficiently. In contrast, you can follow the tips below to grow your communication skills in your team.

Give them Listening Exercise

Active listening is most effective for communication. Listening is not only about understanding what the next person is speaking. This includes absorbing more and more words and even understanding the tone of the person speaking next to you. This will help you choose the right words to speak about what your client wants to listen to. Train your team to develop such listening abilities.

Deborah Morrish Toronto also has master’s degrees including BEd, BSc, and HBA in her quest for lifelong learning and education.

Give them tasks of listening to a piece of audio and then evaluate them. Amiably fix their mistakes so that they can learn more and more.

Conduct Presentations

It is a perfect way to enhance your communication skills to present in front of people. When you present in front of an audience, your hesitation is cleared, and you grow confident. You unlock tactics to influence people with your words that lead to effective communication.

Some people are shy about speaking in front of people. This is not good for a business as soft skills are vital. Even your critical skills are useless without them. Conducting presentations is an easy way to cover this hurdle. It makes your employees more talkative and attractive to your clients.

Encourage Engagement

Your team members must collaborate and share ideas. The key benefit of this engagement between employees is developing communication ability. When different people work under the same roof, their talents are shared, and they continuously learn from each other.

This is why the trainees do internships with experienced people to build their skills. You can create activities in your office which make your employees communicate somehow. Throwing a party in the office leads to official and unofficial talks that directly or indirectly make your team members share their ideologies. 

Medium of Communication

We do not only communicate by speaking. There are several mediums and methods of communication. Sometimes you have to choose the most effective medium to influence the client. Choosing the proper method is one of the most critical steps to improving communication skills.

  • Verbal communication: by face, by phone, or other multimedia.
  • Non-verbal communication: with eye contact or body language
  • Visual communication: via images or charts
  • Written communication: with articles, emails, or letters

You can trigger an audience with these mediums, and selecting the right one at a specific time is a skill. Teach your team to understand all these tactics to make them communicate effectively.

The Bottom Line

To grow a business, you need your clients to be satisfied with your services. However, the art of playing with their mentality comes with better communication abilities. Follow the above tips to improve your team’s interaction skills.


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