“Glo” Up Your Fitness Routine with Online Yoga and Meditation App

From cramped studios to inconvenient scheduling, regular yoga classes can be the opposite of relaxing. If you’re curious about learning yoga, or if you want expert level advice without going broke, check out Glo. Glo is a rising star in the realm of online yoga apps. Mix and match 16 styles of yoga in the comfort of your home, from Kundalini to postnatal. Here are three reasons why you should “Glo” up your yoga game.

1. Create Your Perfect Yoga Routine in 10 Minutes or Less 

Glo understand that your habits and personality influence the way you practice yoga. Building your ideal routine is as easy as answering three questions about what you hope to achieve. First, check off which areas of your life you want to improve. Sleep, emotional health, physical restoration, energy, and flexibility are a few areas of focus, or you can request to take a specific style of yoga. Glo also designs your teacher’s personality. Do you want a playful and inspiring instructor, or a traditional yogi? The choice is yours! The last step is to indicate how many yoga and Pilates classes you have taken. After signing up, questions on the For You page helps you to fine tune your routine. Previous injuries, quality of sleep, your favorite self-care methods, and other facets of mind-body wellness personalize your recommendations.

2. Easily Navigate Hundreds of Classes, Meditations, and More 

Glo keeps its users in mind with a sleek, easy-to-navigate website that allows you to create a collection of your favorite programs and classes. Glo knows that your time is a priority, so you narrow down exercises by 10 minutes or fewer to upwards of 50 minutes. The front For You page contains your recommended classes and snippets of info. Explore community favorites and the week’s breakout classes, Glo’s curated yoga collections, audio meditations, and teachers by expertise. Your bookmarks appear on the home page and under the Library tab, making it simple to track your preferred content. If you’re more interested in deep breathing than doing headstands, Glo also makes a fantastic meditation app. Get grounded with hundreds of meditations for mind, body, and spirit with talented yogis.

3. Classes are Challenging, Diverse, and Accessible

Whether you’ve taken five yoga classes or have instructed yoga for years, Glo’s routines are accessible, mindful, and engaging. Classes range from Level 1 (absolute beginner) to Level 4 (expert) and target problem areas, from core strength to upper back pain. Programs contain several classes that focus on specific areas of development, such as 14-day strength challenges and meditation techniques for yoga instructors. Select a class or program of interest, then create a schedule with Glo to stay on track (or practice on your own time). Click on a class to explore its focus (i.e., emotional health), duration, and required materials. Not sure if a class or program is right for you? Check out the preview videos to determine your best fit.

If you’re ready to say “Namaste” and feel centered, make the switch to online yoga. From perfecting that headstand to finding emotional balance, Glo offers something for every yogi. Best of all? You can start with a free trial to see if Glo is right for you, no credit card required.

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