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Exploring How A Beach Bar At Sentosa Became Popular

When it comes to visiting Singapore, some tourists have made visiting a bar in Sentosa part of their itinerary. With a booming nightlife and great alfresco bar, Singapore has become well known for being one of the ASEAN countries with a hot club scene.

That’s why both locals and tourists alike see club-hopping in Singapore as an unmissable experience! But what if you want to make your day-offs extra normal without waiting for the sun to go down. Is it possible?

What Singapore’s Nightlife is Like

Back then, when Singapore’s nightclub scene was still growing, you only had a few varieties of bar available to you. If you wanted to stay up late and drink with your friends, you had to go to the Center Business District. They had to follow strict dress codes just to get in and alcoholic drinks cost a lot.

But over recent years, the city’s nightlife hotspots have evolved. Gone were the days wherein Singaporeans only had fewer options. If they want to catch the buzzing nightclubs, they can enjoy a bar at Sentosa.

If they want to avoid a crowded alfresco bar, they can head to Singapore’s hipster scene at Haji Lane. And thankfully, finding an alfresco bar in Singapore is now easier! There are streets around the island offering various bars and other drinking spots that are less crowded than the nightlife hot spots.

Unlike before, Singaporeans who wanted to relax and enjoy a few drinks now have a variety of options available to them. They no longer have to stick by packed clubs. And as the 5.7 million population became more diverse, so did the bars.

Now, new breeds of bars and other establishments scatter across different neighbourhoods. If you and your friends wanted to enjoy something more specific, all you had to do was find Singapore’s niche drinking spots!

A New Offering

After Lion City’s nightlife became saturated, business owners wanted to offer something new to Singaporeans. So, instead of just building another hole in the wall, some owners decide to open their own Siloso beach bar!

Admittedly, going to a nightclub in Singapore is expensive. Though most parties are tame on the island, the same thing can’t be said about the price of liquor. Some Singaporeans often go months without going out to save enough to go to a nightclub for one night.

Depending on their expectation and knowledge of the nightclub scene, they either go home satisfied or disappointed.

Unless they’re with a big crowd, most Singaporeans avoid tourist spots with high-priced alcohol. They would rather go somewhere far from the city just to find a place that they enjoy on a budget.

So, instead of splurging on a night that only a few friends can enjoy, Singaporeans go to a Sentosa beach bar instead!

How A Beach Bar Works


To lounge around the beach with a drink in hand is everyone’s dream. But during the early days of Singapore’s club scene, locals had no other choice but to join jam-packed parties.

Thankfully, when the competition for a common bar at Sentosa rose, some people were able to rise to the challenge! And after a while, going to a Sentosa beach bar became a must for both tourists and locals!

A Sentosa beach bar encourages day drinking in moderation. Generally speaking, a Siloso beach bar will offer its patrons a variety of cocktails, craft beer and other drinks. And unlike normal nightclubs that have age restrictions, Singaporean families can bring their kids to a beach bar!

Instead of splurging on an activity that only the adults can enjoy, Singaporean families can do something with their kids together like going to the beach! You can watch your kids enjoy the sand and get their much-needed vitamin sea while enjoying your favourite cocktails.

By going to a Siloso beach bar instead of another nightclub, you can enjoy adult activities like day drinking while your kids play! It’s the perfect solution for young parents who want to make time for themselves and their families.

While it’s true that a large majority of the bars in Singapore are nightclubs and rooftop bars, Singaporeans are thankful to find a Sentosa beach bar. Besides offering alcoholic beverages during the daytime, some bars also offer lounge areas for families.

Singaporeans could find a place where their kids can play in the sand and the sea while they carefully watch them with a drink in hand. They can choose from sunbeds and deck chairs that give them a 5-star view of the beach.

Additionally, some bars offer snacks and other meals that you could enjoy! You can make a reservation for some beach dining before letting your kids play in the water as you start your day drinking!

Ultimately, a Sentosa beach bar has offered Singaporeans the kind of balance that they need. They provided them with enough room to do their own thing while still catering to the needs of their families.

And thanks to the evolving night scene in Singapore, more and more tourists across the world have discovered the island’s beach bars! Now, a Siloso beach bar can be as jam-packed as a common nightclub on a weekday.

Both locals and tourists flock to the beach bar, especially during the hotter Singaporean weather. They lounge around in their greatest swimwear and drink cocktails early in the afternoon. Beach bars became the new drinking hotspot in Singapore.

And with continuous growth, experts expect that the trend will continue to flourish. More and more Singaporeans will be seen on padded loungers by the pool with a towering margarita or other similar drinks.

Additionally, with the growing popularity of a beach bar in Singapore, epic events are anticipated to be a regular feature! Pool parties and other musical events by the beach will be the next hottest thing in Singapore.

If you’re not a big fan of staying up late and crowded dance floors, you can always lounge within the comforts of a Sentosa beach bar!

Benefits of Going to The Beach


Now, you’re probably thinking, why should you bother visiting a beach bar at Sentosa? You can simply drink at home and you can still watch your kids without breaking the bank.

Besides offering you an opportunity to get some quality family time, there are other benefits to visiting a Siloso beach bar!

Relax Your Mind And Your Body

Unbeknownst to many, the claims that the sound of beach waves relaxes our mind and our body is true. There have been scientific researchers proving that going to the beach could heighten rejuvenation.

As you sit on your lounger chair, your brain finds a calming state that then reflects in its wave patterns. Additionally, when you allow yourself to enjoy the sea, your body’s blood flow is improved. As you float above the water, your body will send more blood to your heart and help stay alert while you swim.

Ocean Air Helps Boost Your Mood

The ocean breeze has been linked to improved moods over recent years. Due to the negative ions that the salty air has, serotonin levels can be increased.

By going to a Siloso beach bar, you give your mental health the assistance that it needs to fight depression.

Treat Skin Issues

In moderation, UV rays can offer great benefits to our skins! By sunbathing with the appropriate sun protection on, the sun can help alleviate skin issues similar to psoriasis!

With the help of UV rays and natural exfoliators like salt and sand, your skin will rejuvenate itself faster! By going to the beach, you’re promoting growth and rejuvenation to your skin!

Helps Promote Better Sleep

For hard-working Singaporeans, getting good sleep matters most. It’s the only guaranteed way they can reassure themselves that they’ll do well at work. Unfortunately, due to issues like stress and more, some Singaporeans have a hard time getting good sleep.

They often find themselves tossing and turning in their beds, awake. Sometimes, they get interrupted sleep. And when they do, they often go to work distracted and groggy.

Thankfully, the same negative ions that help boost our mood and improve our body’s ability to take in oxygen. And with improved levels of oxygen in our body, relaxation is guaranteed. If you’ve observed yourself falling deep in sleep after an exhausting beach day, this is the reason why!

Dose of Vitamin D

Admittedly, Singaporeans who spent much of their time indoors don’t get enough vitamin D. Some people tend to ignore this, thinking it’s not a necessary vitamin. When in reality, vitamin D helps boost our immune system and is crucial to ensuring the growth of our teeth and bones.

Make the most out of your day off by getting your much-needed vitamin D at the beach!

Helps Alleviate Arthritis

A study conducted around sea salt from the Dead Sea revealed that patients who regularly used the bath salt experienced fewer symptoms and reduced stiffness.

According to the study, the saltwater from the dead sea helped dehydrated the inflamed cells in the participants’ body. And as a result, the bath salt reduced the inflammation they felt.

Key Takeaways


Thanks to the flourishing bar scene in Singapore, the industry was able to expand and innovate the services that they offer! Now, even parents can enjoy winding down with an alcoholic beverage while staying with their kids.

They can bond with their family while enjoying themselves and for a more cost-effective price. Additionally, they can steadily improve their health just by lazing around the beach! Ultimately, going to a Sentosa beach bar offers you various benefits besides a good time and good drinks!

Locals and tourists who want to give an alfresco bar a try in Singapore can easily do so! There are various beach bars already open on the island. All that’s left for you to do is to find the perfect Siloso beach bar for your needs!

If you’re planning to take kids with you, make sure you view their policies first. While a Sentosa bar generally doesn’t have age restrictions, other establishments may have them. If not, they might restrict serving alcohol to teenagers and other young adults.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is reservations. Because of how popular a Sentosa beach bar can be, getting a table can be difficult. So, if you want to try a popular Siloso beach bar, you need to make early reservations. By doing so, you’re securing your friends and family a wonderful spot that they can enjoy!

Make sure to also check out their menu. But generally speaking, thanks to the diverse culture in Singapore, there’s a meal made for everyone in the beach bar at Sentosa. There are vegetarian options for people and meat options for Singaporeans who enjoy eating meat!

Lastly, make sure you make the most out of your stay! Beach bars became popular in Singapore for a good reason. They offer the kind of relaxation that’s hard to find in cities nowadays. If you want a quick getaway wherein you can unplug and be a beach bum for a day, it’s the perfect solution for you.

But if you want to spend some family time with your kids while allowing yourself to enjoy cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, you can do it too! Beach bars are flexible enough to cater to everyone’s needs without breaking the bank.

Make the most out of your day-offs by going to a beach bar near you! Lounge around the beach and enjoy your day with the perfect cocktail. And if you can, why not bring your kids over and let them enjoy the sea!

Thanks to how lively life is in Singapore, it’s not hard to balance your work and personal life! You can go to work and schedule a regular weekend away from the noise by going to a Silosa beach bar. Enjoy your favourite liquor by the beach.

To learn more about the benefits of going to a Sentosa beach bar by visiting Bikini Bar’s website!

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