Difference between printing and Embroidery on fabrics

The two common methods of personalising the fabrics are – Printing and embroidery. But which one is the best to select? Keep reading to choose the printing or embroidery techniques for customising your clothing and textile needs – be it for personal needs such as gifting or business investment in the work wear for your staff. You can use both types for branding your business on bathrobes, towels, caps, T-shirts or sportswear.


Embroidery is more durable, as it can stand the test of wear and tear, with many washes. It lasts for a life of the garment and will look good than the printed fabric. The print will start to fade, crack and peel off after some use and makes the fabric look old and dirty.

So if your design is for a one-off event, printing is the best option. It is worth the money to have the design printed on the fabric. And if you need the design on the uniforms that should last for a long while, go for the durable option of embroidery.


Though there are some pre-programmed fonts and patterns for the embroidery designing, for customised embroidery design such as that of the logo, that uses the digitised embroidery technique will need the image of the design to be converted to embroidery design. It is a skilled done by the specialist who is aware of the software techniques and cost more than the regular embroidery. But as mentioned before, once it is done, the design last forever.

Printing design on the other hand does not need any conversion and any design can be printed directly on the fabric or transferred easily. Moreover, printing can be done for any complicated design. Printing on the fabric looks best depending on the type of printing technique used.

Fabrics types

Printing the designs is best when done off the smoother fabric such as T-shirts. And embroidery works well with many types of materials. For instance, the polo shirt fabric is loosely woven. And the printing does not look bet on it, but the embroidery can be comfortably done on it.

T-shirt printing is best for promotional events and a great way of creating brand identity and awareness. It can be used as the movable advertisement for promotion of the brand for its products and services. The prints on the T-shirt can be made larger, brighter and more readable, for attraction, and cost lesser as compared to embroidery.

For the embroidery designing, the high quality and thicker garments such as the hoodies, polo shirts and sweatshirts are the best that needs the smaller logo patterns. Hence it is best to be done on the uniforms. It offers the professional look to the dress and lasts longer with even fading with many washes and can be used for years to come. Hence, embroidery is considered the most cost-effective solution than the printing, though the initial cost is higher for embroidery than printing methods.

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