Customer services of the good guys

One thing everyone will agree with me is if you make your customer delightful then automatically your organization success rate increases. The good guys have a very good customer services, either you shop through online or directly from store. They provide customer services for the entire product whether it may be large or smaller products like buy coffee machines online. The warranty and refund polices not only follow the ACL rights but in addition they have their own polices to. When you received a faulty product you can immediately go to the nearest shop and return back the product and based on the warrantee rules the store manger will help you, but if you are not happy with solution provided by them or you cannot go to the store then you can fill in a form which is available online in their websites and mention everything clearly so that the team can provide you the best solution for your issue.

Finance options

The good guys provide wide variety of finance options one among them is the latitude interest free. This plan is considered from 6 months till 60 months. You can choose your best payment option. If you would like to use this option you just need to follow few simple steps login to the website and apply for it and you will receive a message within 60 seconds. Best part is that they does not charge you extra amount.

Gift cards

This has become a very essential part of life observing the current situation where you are unable to attend any parties like birthday weddings etc. You can just select your gift card and it will be delivered to your dear ones. It also a best option for gifting the staff on their farewells or special occasions.


Now days the scam has increased a lot on the names of famous organization. They try to fool you by sending messages or offer you interesting discounts which may lead you into trouble. Any time if you face such situation you can write to us with all the details so that we can help you.

Installation services

Whenever you buy any product from the good guys they also provide you free installation. They also assure you that all the setup will be done by them with the help of a trained and certificated expert. The expert will also demonstrate the complete process and they also take the exchanged product with them and also the packaging waste. However they do not provide the services for the gas fitting, plumbing and electrical works. These are done by the contactors with whom the good guys have tie-ups. They will only provide you with the warranty or licence certificate. But you can be rest assured as the tie-ups are with the best contactors.

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