Creativity Enhancing Psychedelics – How DMT boosts divergent thinking

Many artists and performers who are associated with the creative fields like acting, elocution or performing arts like choreography and dance, drama need to innovate constantly. Such intellectuals may often need naturally occurring stimulants to boost their creativity. We are always aware and grateful of our consciousness and sense of identity, in any sphere of life. Basically speaking, creative and talented people always have a flair for being unusual so they need more than extraordinary substances to boost their dexterity.

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The cognitive way of thinking is pondering over a situation with precision, reason and logic to come to a prudent conclusion. However divergent thinking can be associated with creativity. This is where you can take the help of psilocybin, LSD, and ayahuasca to take your creativity to the peak and achieve excellent results. The usage of these hallucinogenic effects often takes your cerebral reality zone into a fantasy world where you are at peace and on the zenith of timelessness, perfection and harmony. The usage of this mind altering substances make your mind completely relaxed and detached from worldly tensions, allowing you to slip into a flow state. This is a condition when we are completely engrossed on the work at hand and oblivious to all else.  This kind of flawless commitment determines our master control over our actions by not letting our attention or mind stray. It is almost like a super control can be said. It is under the effect of the creativity boosting psychedelics that any creative person can achieve such master control and achieve excellence. Many actors, musicians, dancers, writers use these kinds of psychedelic components to boost their creativity.

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The source of the ayahuasca plant mentioned above is in the Amazon rainforests. It is made out of banisteriopsis caapi and chacruna plants and used by the tribal people as a spiritual drink meant for healing and connecting with the other world. The ceremony is led by an experienced healer who conducts the ritual by singing hymns or icaros and smoking of pipes. Many people have life altering experiences though the effects are traumatic for some. So, you have to take this holy drink under the guidance of an experienced shaman and at a reliable retreat. Thus, you can enjoy having the ultimate ayahuasca experience to increase your creativity to the fullest for superlative results.

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