Buying Guide of Subcompact SUV 2021 Hyundai Kona – Know everything you should

Before choosing to purchase Hyundai Kona 2021, there are a few particular specifications that you should know about. Without knowing such details an individual won’t be able to understand whether it is the most suitable car for him/her.

Hence, going through this buying guide before visiting Fontana Hyundai dealership will help in determining about the purchase. So, without delaying time, have a look at the all new Hyundai Kona 2021 below.

Powertrain of Kona 2021

Kona is equipped with two engine types. For the SEL and SE trims, it is fitted with a four-cylinder engine that is paired with automatic 6-speed that offers 147 horsepower. This setup takes about 9.2 seconds to reach 0-60 mph.

However, people generally choose the 4-cylinder turbocharged model that has been mated with dual clutch 7-speed automatic transmission, which helps it generate 175 horsepower. This powertrain takes just 6.6 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, which is a massive improvement over the standard option.

When paired with 7-speed option transmission, it aids in ensuring that this vehicle shifts smoothly and quickly even when an individual is dealing with a congested road. Also, its spry handling and fun to drive aspect ensures that every driver enjoys whenever they are behind the wheel. Also, its suspension system is well enough to swallow bumps and rough conditions of road without much hassle, making it a car where everyone can enjoy superior ride quality.

In addition, Kona offers a high mileage of 28 mpg and 32 mpg in city and highway respectively. The numbers show that it is at par with its rivals.

Interior details

Hyundai managed to ensure that Kona’s interior looks as remarkable as its exterior portion, while providing ample comfort as well as convenience to driver and passengers. Ergonomic set up built with excellent materials and comfortable aspect makes it worth the buy. Straightforward and simple layout but offers an appealing factor is how one feels about the interior design of this car.

Also, it offers abundance of space that is ideal for holding carry-ons to a maximum of 14 suitcases. If you are willing to go through it in details and check out the interior options and more, then visit Fontana Hyundai dealer store.

Costing of the trims

Six different versions are available where the base model is SE and starts from the price of $21,685, while the next in the line is SEL $23,485. The mid-range variants include SEL Plus and Night, which Hyundai priced at $25,335 and $27,385 respectively. The topmost range of Kona includes Limited and Ultimate that costs $27,485 and $29,335 respectively.

If you are looking to purchase model worth the money, then you should choose either Limited or Ultimate model and not go down in the list.

You are aware of most of the details about Hyundai Kona 2021 now, so deciding which model to purchase is not a big deal. All you need now is to visit a dealership and take a test ride. Once satisfied with it, you can book it immediately.

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