Business Models to Put your Fitness Skills and Certification to Work 


If you love maintaining your health and visit the gym at least once every day and post on social media about various ways by which people would be able to look after their health. Then you could easily turn this into your profession with turn fitness passion into a career. 

With the right NESTA certificate, you would become a certified personal fitness trainer. You would get the right education and support which would help you in setting up your own business after the education and the certificate that you would be gaining. 

With the right training program, you would understand how you should be targeting your market. Here, you would get some model examples that would help you in establishing a business with the right client. 

You would be able to align your customer’s views, goals and beliefs to get optimum results. With personal trainer career ideas, you would be with the help of the certificate to assess the health and fitness of your clients and create realistic goals. 


Private Training Model: 

Since the 1980s the concept of private training has been very much in trend. The sessions are done on a one on one basis and it depends on the goal of the client. The program would include assessing the client, writing the program, setting goals and also supporting them when they would be doing the training. The program as a fitness professional business plan could include many levels like fitness, nutrition, counselling. The start-up cost would be minimal depending on the location and the business set up would be easy. 

Group Training: 

This was first added as an added value to the membership model. This would provide you with great advantage with spreading your program among many within a short period. You would be able to steal the market with many discounts offering as a part of the fitness business plan. The model has a low start-up cost and would help with client retention. 

Online Coaching:

In recent years, this is one of the most common and popular forms of training that a lot of people are opting for now. This type of coaching could be delivered over various platforms like over the phone, email, Skype. And you could also include a knowledge resource along with the membership. This model provides you with unlimited potential to grow your business and serve anyone who would be available online.    

You would be able to establish any of the models successfully or even multiple with the right training yourself. You should be able to create an online business and personal training business plan which would provide you with satisfaction and fulfilment.

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