Borrowed Car Accident: Who’s Going To Pay and Everything You Need To Know

Borrowing or lending a car is something that we do all the time. Whether it’s a quick trip to the supermarket or borrowing a car for a week while yours is in the shop, chances are you’ve done it at least once in your life.

But did you ever stop to think about what would happen if your vehicle was involved in an accident at the time that you lent it to someone? If this happens to you, it’s a good idea to seek out a car accident attorney to help you manage the situation.

There are several details to consider during a car accident, and an auto accident attorney can save you loads of time trying to navigate the legal process.

The importance of car insurance

Technically, not all states in the US require auto insurance for drivers. However, it is still the best way to go. Car insurance ensures that you are taken care of during unforeseen accidents, and helps you avoid financial losses. When you are involved in an accident, one of the first things that your car accident attorney will check is if you have the proper insurance in place.

Car insurance is tied to the vehicle instead of the person behind the wheel

If you figured in an accident on the road, you must inform your auto accident attorney about how the situation occurred. For example, if you were driving a borrowed car at the time of the accident and you were the cause of that accident, the expenses would be taken out of the insurance policy for the owner of the car. However, if the expenses for the accident exceed the coverage limit of the car’s insurance policy, then that’s the time that your insurance policy would pay for the rest of the damage.

Excluded Drivers

Having car insurance isn’t the end all and be all of the matter. Don’t be surprised if your car accident attorney asks you about every single detail about the accident, because as with all things, there are some exceptions to the rule.

One scenario where the vehicle’s owner will not be liable for an accident is if the driver is not included in the policy. Some people opt for this plan because they may have a bad record or have previous convictions for certain cases.

Another scenario that an auto accident attorney will always check is if the car was indeed borrowed or was driven by someone else without getting official permission first. If this is the case and you are involved in an accident, then you will be liable for the incident, not the car owner.

You should keep in mind that states have varying rules or laws, and that these are often updated or changed over time. Consulting with a car accident attorney is always the best move to ensure that you don’t end up paying for something that should be covered by insurance. Legal expertise from an auto accident attorney will also come in handy in getting you the compensation you deserve if you were the victim in an accident against someone driving a borrowed car.

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