BBQs 2u Release Their Divide And Conquer Grills For More Efficient Cooking

For many years’ people have been using grill grates for charcoal cooking. While the flavours turn out amazing and smoky, it is a time-consuming process and often leaves the guests waiting for steaming hot and fresh food. With BBQs 2u new grilling system, they have given it more versatility and flexibility in terms of cooking surface and customized heat zones. 

BBQs 2u proudly presents this new revolutionary grill system that provides 2 main advantages and will change anyone’s experience with grill cooking completely. No more waiting for the vegetables to grill when the grilled chicken is lying on the table and getting cold.  

By splitting the grill into 2 halves and placing them on multiple levels, BBQs 2u states that the divide and conquer grill system that they sell can completely takes an upper hand over the traditional grill grate in 3 major ways:

  1. By providing more flexibility, so that two or three different products can be cooked simultaneously with double the amount of cooking space. 
  2.  By creating different heat zones with the addition of a half-moon deflector and multi-level cooking. Now, the vegetables won’t burn due to direct heat.
  3. By allowing the addition of more custom surfaces for cooking such as expander plates or pizza stones to provide enhanced versatility.

The Big Joe 3 of the Kamado Joe grill series is a perfect addition to those kitchens where big family gatherings are a regular thing. With an additional cooking surface and hyperbolic smoke chamber, this grill comes with side tables and a cart which is normally purchased separately if bought from other Kamado Joe dealers. 

The SloRoller smoke chamber cooking system given by Harvard University provides the food a slow cooking environment with cyclic flow of smoke and heat through the grill chamber. This smoke chamber is removable and when high heat cooking is required, can be swapped with the heat deflector plates. 

The Expander grill plate sets can also be purchased separately. Either set these on the top of the main grill or use them to bake pizza much higher inside the dome. Apart from this, the basket divider permits the creation of different functional zones in the grill if you want to cook 2 different types of meat at the same time or you simply want a smaller grill space occasionally. 

The Kamado Big Joe is a hot selling product on the website of BBQs 2u currently because of the flexibility and ease of cooking it provides for large families. The large cooking grill and multiple racks system allow even the chef of the family to enjoy family and social gatherings instead of just sweating out by cooking for long hours. 

The heat-resistant shell of the grill system locks the moisture and smoke inside the shell and makes space for cleaner and healthier cooking with charcoal. The Kamado grill system with so much cooking space and flexibility truly represents expert craftsmanship and dedication towards providing innovation in the world of barbeques. 

Barbeque lovers can keep themselves informed of all the latest inventions and revolutionary barbeque products and accessories by following BBQs 2u on their Twitter profile to never miss the chance of experimenting with different grill techniques and pieces of equipment. 

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