All You Need To Know About Managed VPS Hosting

As more and more websites go live every day, the demand for hosting servers has gone up, especially in the last one year. Among all the hosting solutions that are available for site owners, VPS Hosting is a much-preferred platform. It is a scalable and flexible hosting server that offers a number of advanced features, like VPS with cPanel, at pocket-friendly prices. It is an easy choice for many.

But managing your hosting environment will need some technical expertise if you want to get the best performance out of it. Managing hosting has become easier over the years, but fine-tuning takes some configuration changes, especially with Linux VPS Hosting. If you do not have the required expertise, you should opt for Managed VPS Hosting.

Here’s all you need to know about Managed VPS Hosting, and it’s benefits for your website.

What is Managed VPS Hosting?

Managed VPS Hosting is the same as regular VPS hosting. It offers the same features and functionality and the same level of flexibility. However, there’s one crucial difference; you do not have to get involved in the technical aspects of running a website. All technical tasks, such as server maintenance, software updates, new software installations and security configurations, are handled by your hosting provider. It takes away a major part of your workload that is otherwise an integral part of the day-to-day running of a website, leaving you free to concentrate on your business and getting more users for your site. This is the best solution for those site owners who do not have an in-house technical team and do not want to spend extra money on creating one.

Benefits of Managed VPS Hosting

Apart from the obvious benefit of hands-off website administration, a managed hosting service offers a number of other benefits for VPS Server Hosting.

  • Optimised Performance

When you choose Managed VPS Hosting, you leave all the server optimisations to your hosting provider. Their technical team has the requisite technical know-how and the experience to tune your VPS Hosting server for better, optimised performance.

  • More Reliability

Other than the inherent characteristics of a hosting platform, a site’s reliability depends upon regular maintenance. In Managed VPS Hosting, all the maintenance and upkeep activities are handled and executed by the hosting provider. This assures more reliability for your website.

  • Better Security

Security is one thing that shouldn’t be compromised with. It is crucial to ensure that your site remains safe from malware and hacking attacks. You get advanced security when you choose Managed VPS Hosting as it is handled by experts.

  • Enhanced Configurability

One of the biggest advantages of VPS Hosting is that it offers full root access. But you cannot make the most of it without the proper technical knowhow. A Managed VPS Server in India, backed by professionals allows enhanced configurability.

  • Responsive Support

This is yet another important consideration that should prompt you to choose Managed VPS Hosting. Your provider takes care of all the technical aspects of your hosting, and it also covers support. They can mobilise near-instantly in case of an emergency.

Since Managed VPS Hosting offers so many benefits at reasonable prices, it makes your choice easier.

Still wondering if you should opt for Managed VPS? The following video enumerates which websites should go for Managed VPS Hosting plans:

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