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Alicante in Spain is a city on the Costa Blanca and one of the most famous resorts of the country.

It is a major seaport of the Mediterranean Sea, annually attracting many tourists from all over the world.

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The sun shines here 330 days a year, and the Mediterranean Sea is turquoise and very clean.

This picturesque place harmoniously combines ancient temples and luxury boutiques, business quarters and medieval streets, modernity and local color.

Spanish Alicante is a city of the sun, the azure sea, cozy beaches, amazing sights, rich architecture and fun festivals. There are always a lot of young people here, as this university city is considered a very romantic place.

Before you travel to the region of Alicante, read some useful information about it.

Where is Alicante?

Of course, the first question for the tourist is where the popular center of tourist life is located.

The city of Alicante occupies the southeastern part of the Iberian Peninsula and is located in the Valencia region of the Costa Blanca on a plain with hills (Grossa and San Julian) and uplands (Mount Tossal and Benacantil) and ravines, most of which serve as canals.

In addition, this area has two rivers: the Monnegre and the Rambla de las Ovejas, the picturesque cape Cabo de Huertas, as well as many charming coves.

The second question is which sea washes Alicante. The resort is conveniently located amphitheatrically on the shores of the Mediterranean bay, which is between two mountain ranges, protecting these places from strong winds.

Both in the resort town itself and in the surrounding area a lot of excellent beaches. Almost all of them are annually awarded the “Blue Flag” for cleanliness and a high level of improvement. If you want some privacy, a short drive will bring you to a number of cozy little coves.

As Alicante is crisscrossed by hills and uplands, its neighborhoods are built on different heights.


The province of the same name, the capital of which is Alicante, is bordered to the south by the province of Murcia and to the north by the province of Valencia.

The distance by road to the city of Valencia, the center of the autonomous community of Valencia, is 160 km.

Factual information

The approximate population of the city is 330,000 people. This number also includes foreigners – here they are about 15%.

Many tourists who come to Alicante for recreation, imbued with such warm feelings towards the city that they buy property on the shores of the Mediterranean.

So the exact number of residents of the resort is unlikely to be known.

The official language, as in the whole country – Spanish. However, it is often spoken in the local Valencian dialect. In many places you’ll see signs in both languages.

Alicante has an area of 201 square kilometers.

The zip code of the city is 03659.

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