A Study of Indian Flatbreads 

  • Naan: Naan is one of the basic fundamentals of Indian flatbread cuisine. A naan is generally heavier than paratha and chapatti. To make Naan, you need two cups of maida and one-fourth teaspoon of yeast, half cup of curd and then massage the mixture to convert it into a delicate dough. Add some water to make the batter tastier. Keep the mixture aside for at least one hour and cover it with a top. When you see that the dough has grown larger, divide the dough into two different half. Take one half and flatten the bread to make a large pizza-like flatbread. After that, place the naan into a tandoor and when you see that both of the sides are cooked, take out the naan from the tandoor and then spread some butter on the one side. You can stuff naans with a variety of stuff. 


  • Roti


There are different types of roti and it is made by Indians in many different ways. The most popular method of baking a roti is a flatbread roti. Generally, North Indians eat roti every day. North Indians usually eat roti with ‘sabzi’ or ‘curry’ and even with both of them. Everyone likes to eat 2-4 Rotis according to their diet. To make a rotti start making the bread by taking 1 cup of wholegrain atta and add some water slowly to keep the dough soft and fresh. After making the dough, keep it aside for at least five minutes so the dough take its normal form. During this time heat up your roti maker through which you are going to make your rotti. Separate the dough into four different parts. Take each part one by one in your hand and roll it consequently. Use the lid of the roti maker to flatten the rotti and give the rotti its natural round shape. Now leave the rotti in the rotti maker for at least 2 – 3 minutes. You will start to takes brown dots rising from the dough when it gets cooked. Repeat the process on the other side and your rotti is now fully cooked and ready to get served. 

  • Paratha

Parathas are also another important Indian flatbread. Nonetheless, parathas are very different from naan and chapatti as it compliments with only a few dishes. It is fried in a pan and is naturally more decadent. It is basically made up of unleavened flatbread which consists of atta and stuffed veggies even panner. You can serve parathas to different north Indian people as they love it.

There are many other kinds of flatbreads too which are eaten heavily all over India but these three are the most recognizable all over the country. You can even call them pillars of Indian flatbreads. 

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