A Guide to Ink Printers And Their Working

If you have been looking into printers to buy, you must be faced with two options: Cartridge and Ink.

Should you stick to the conventional cartridges that must be replaced whenever they run out? Or should you switch to Continuous Ink Supply Systems? Although everyone may tell you that ink printers are the clear winner, you may wonder why.

Ink printers are much more cost-efficient and faster. Their secret is their work.

This article is your guide to ink printers and their working. Read on to find out why they are preferred over cartridge printers.

The build

Ink printers use Continuous Ink Supply Systems (CISS), which increases your printer’s capacity to hold ink.

This printer uses 4 to 9 bulk ink tanks and has a capacity of 100 mL.

The bulk ink tanks act as dummy cartridges. They are called so as they perform the same function as a cartridge in the conventional printer. They sit inside the printer and are connected to the print head. Silicone and PVC rubber tubes come in handy for attaching the print head and the tanks.

The working

In conventional printers:

  • Pumps are used to pull ink from cartridges
  • It flows into the print head and is then sprayed for printing
  • The ink in the cartridge is replaced by air
  • The cartridge becomes empty eventually

Then, it has to be replaced; after that, the process will continue.

CISS uses a similar method, but instead of replacing the displaced ink with air, it is replaced with more ink. More ink is pulled from external tanks using rubber tubes. Thus, the “cartridge” never really becomes empty.

When the external tanks start running low on ink, you can pour more ink into them. So, you do not need to buy a new cartridge every time you run out.

The benefits

Many people and offices have made the switch to ink printers. They have done so because using CISS:

  • Is cost-efficient
  • Saves cartridges and reduces waste as ink is bought in raw form
  • It is faster as there is a constant supply of ink to the print head

Thus, if you ever ask whether you should go for ink or cartridge, the answer is ink. It saves time, money, and the environment.

Some parts of ink printers may not be very durable. However, the repair and replacement cost is also relatively cheaper. Thus, ink printers are an excellent choice.

Print quality

Printers using CISS match the print quality of a conventional printer. You will get the same quality and bright colors in your printouts.

Some precautions are listed below to ensure your print quality is not affected:

  • Be brand-specific with your ink. Use ink from the same company as it is used in the printers.
  • Avoid going for universal inks. They can severely affect the quality of your printouts and even cause damage to the printer.
  • Check your machine model. Some printers have ink that is specifically designed for them. Be sure to buy suitable ink.

Using the proper ink gives you the best print quality and improves your printer’s longevity.

In conclusion

Continuous ink supply systems are highly cost-effective and are frequently recommended. You get print quality that is just as good at more affordable prices.

They are also environmentally friendly. For every ink bottle you purchase, you save 15 cartridges from becoming waste and ending up in a landfill. Hence, they are the perfect choice for you and the earth.

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