5 Ways To Boost Your Business’ Philanthropy

As a business owner, you know how much you rely on the support of your community, so naturally, you will want to give something back to that community. You might not know quite how to do this, though, so read on for five ways to boost your business’ philanthropy.

Donate to Local Causes

Your first step is to look around your community and discover causes that need your business’ support. You might notice that a local food shelf is struggling to make ends meet due to increased demand, or you may hear the call for help from an organization dedicated to improving the lives of at-risk kids. Whatever you find, gather your employees together and hold a fundraiser. Contribute a sizable donation directly from the company, and encourage your employees to donate what they can, following the example of philanthropist David Johnson Cane Bay Partners. This team effort will pull your company together in a common cause, build morale and provide much-needed support for a local charity.

Match Employee Donations

Your employees likely have their favorite causes that they generously support, so part of your philanthropy might be to match their donations in full or in part, at least up to a certain amount per employee per year. You will have to determine your perimeters, procedures and rules, but matched giving allows your employees to contribute even more generously to their chosen charities while building your philanthropic activities and widening your company’s influence for good.

Partner With Charities

Many charities put on special events and fundraisers throughout the year, and this gives your company a prime opportunity to partner with these charities. You might, for instance, serve as a sponsor for a banquet or walk or silent auction, covering some of the cost of the event, so the charity ends up with a larger profit. You may also consider donating supplies, advertising or prizes for fundraisers or even pitching right in with a team of volunteers to promote and staff the event.

Offer Pro Bono Gifts

Charities need all kinds of things besides money, and your company may be in a perfect position to offer pro bono gifts and services. If you happen to be in the plumbing or electric business, for example, you could offer your services for nothing or at least at a discount rate as you answer a charity’s cry for help. If you are in accounting or law, you can provide support according to your skills and a charity’s needs. These kinds of pro bono donations can often make a huge difference in the effectiveness of a charity’s services, and they also greatly increase your company’s philanthropy.


Finally, charities are always looking for volunteers. In fact, staffing is one of the biggest overall challenges for charities. Therefore, you and your employees can make a major impact by volunteering your time. Allow your employees some paid time off for volunteer work, and join them yourself. You can even get a group together to regularly volunteer at a charity that needs support.

Your business is part of a community, and therefore, you will want to serve that community by boosting your philanthropy for the benefit of local charities, your employees and yourself.

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