5 Reasons Why You Should Ditch the Yoga Studio for Online Classes

Tired of paying so much money for classes you don’t always love in cramped studios? Us too. Yoga is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health. It increases flexibility which makes bodies less prone to injury, it regulates levels of stress due to the focus on breathing, increases balance, and it makes us strong, among many other things. Having a daily yoga practice is a key piece of a healthy lifestyle, but often motivating yourself to get to a studio that costs too much and is always too crowded is a difficult feat. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, the studio (or more expensive private classes) are not your only option. Online yoga is a thing now and this article is about to give you five reasons why you should ditch your yoga studio and go virtual.

  1. Price

Glo is a wellness company that offers online yoga at the low price of $18 a month. Most yoga studios charge $18 a class. Can you imagine how much per month you could save by moving your yoga online? A lot. This alone is reason enough to make the switch, but there are still four more reasons (that are listed here, many more advantages exist!)

  1. Flexibility

No more rushing to close that end-of-day meeting, online yoga waits for you. Everyone has had those days where the leave the office running and arrive to the studio just in the nick of time already sweating only to make everyone else, those that didn’t have to run from the office, who are already in meditation position, move their mats to make space. The shame! With online yoga, you start the class on your schedule (yes, class can start at 5:42) without inconveniencing anyone else.

  1. Course offerings

There are few things as disappointing as running to catch a yoga class and then having an unfulfilling practice. With a yoga studio you can choose a general category of class to attend, but between teachers this can vary enormously. Yoga online classes at Glo come with thorough descriptions and if you find five or ten or twenty minutes into a class that you aren’t digging it, you can stop the video and choose a new one. It is totally up to you! Overtime you may find certain yoga online classes that you like and you can mark those as “favorites” for future sessions. You create your own experience every time.

  1. Private, at-home classes

On a Saturday morning it is hard enough to leave the bed, let alone the leave the house for yoga, and with yoga online you don’t have to! Unfortunately you will probably still have to leave the bed, but only to get to your yoga mat. From there, open the app or your computer, select your class, and boom! it’s yoga time. There is seriously no way to make yoga more convenient than online yoga classes.

  1. Travel

Ever travel somewhere and think, “I’ve been to enough yoga classes I can do a self-practice everyday on this vacation. I don’t need a studio!” and then you get to the vacation and self-practice is much harder than you expected? Yep. Another handy benefit of yoga online is that it is extremely portable. Practice anywhere. On the beach, in the woods, on the terrace, by the pool–wherever your travels take you, you can take your yoga practice too.

By now it’s clear that yoga online is not only the future of yoga, but the present. Join Glo now and get your first two weeks free!

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