4 Tips for Self-Storage

Offsite Self Storage is a company located in Layton that provides secure units, drive-up access, vehicle parking, online bill pay, and professional onsite management. Below are four tips for safe and efficient self-storage.

Determine Needed Space

The less space you use, the less money you’ll have to spend. Use similarly sized and shaped boxes to optimize storage space, and measure them before choosing a unit. In your calculations, be sure to include aisle space, pallet space, and a small area of extra space for boxes that may be added in the future. Once you have a rough estimate of the area needed, choose an applicable storage unit in Layton.

Organize Your Unit

Storage organization not only makes it easy to find materials and items as you need them, but it also maximizes space usage. Categorize and label your boxes based on when the items inside may be needed. This decreases the chances of having to completely reorganize or tear apart the unit when holidays come around. If there are items you use more frequently than others, situate those near the front of the unit. If you have particularly large items, such as televisions or bookshelves, consider disassembling them and wrapping the pieces together. This process lowers the risk of losing parts while simultaneously freeing up space in the Layton storage unit. Additionally, consider arranging your boxes in rows to make your items more accessible.

Elevate Items

Rainy, humid weather or even old, frosty refrigerators and washing machines put your valuables at risk of water damage. Before storing your boxes in a storage unit, line the concrete with wood pallets and other kinds of shelving to protect their contents from leaks, puddles, and moisture. If you choose to store large items such as freezers and dishwashers, be sure to completely defrost and dry them before storing them in your Layton unit.

Protect Against Pests

Above all, be sure to seal your boxes with packaging tape. Sealing protects your items from dust as well as pests such as moths, spiders, and even rats. The last thing you want is to dig into an old box of clothes, only to find that the fabric has been chewed apart by rats or infested with moth larvae. One unconventional way to repel pests is through dryer sheets. When placed in the corners and cracks of storage units, dryer sheets ward off all kinds of critters and insects, although the sheets should be replaced monthly to maintain their smell. Wood pallets and other elevation methods are also an effective way to protect against ants, cockroaches, and other undesirable creatures.

Offsite Self Storage is a Layton storage company that provides vehicle parking, secure units, drive-up access, and more.

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