Why You Should Have A Visa Of Freelancer For Dubai?

Freelancing is an activity in which an individual can work from home i.e. it is not necessary to go to any place of work whether it is office or factory.Rather he can sit anywhere around the world and do freelancing. Individuals who perform freelancing activities are called freelancers. Freelancing is highly recognised among youth who feel the need to do 2 to 3 tasks simultaneously. Freelancing is becoming widely prominent in many countries such as USA,UK UAE (Dubai) etc. 

Dubai- A host of opportunities for freelancers

Dubai UAE is one of the many countries where people want to work and settle because of it various advantages like infrastructure,growth,ccleanlines,clean atmosphere etc. after USA and UK. Dubai government recognises this and offers various opportunities for foreigners to stay and settle in Dubai. One such opportunity offered is freelance visa Dubai under which any foreigner can stay in Dubai without any job or any business and do freelancing and build clients internally through freelancing. Dubai offers entrepreneurship visa and freelance permits according to which an individual can stay in the Emirates and avail facilities such as desk space,office facilities etc. 

Freelance Visa Dubai

Freelance visa Dubai is offered by many cities such as the The Creative City of Fujairah,Ras Al kaimah free zone(RAKEZ), Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, DMCC FTZ (Dubai) etc. The Creative City of Fujairah offers freelance visa Dubai at AED  26000 whereas other cities such as RAKEZ offers the freelance visa Dubai at  AED 15000. It is the cheapest among all the cities so all those who want to save cost can prefer this emirate. Apart from this various other benefits such as meeting rooms,P.R.O service box and internet access are provided. A set of documents need to be submitted in order to attain a freelance visa Dubai such as:

  • A valid passport
  • CV
  • Passport size photos
  • Filled in application form
  • Copy of a valid license in Dubai
  • Educational documents 


Dubai is one of the major economies in the world which is opening up and welcoming foreigners for boosting it’s economy as well as for the personal growth and development of the individual. Freelancing is a major breakthrough for entering Dubai and settling in Dubai. Freelancing offers high pay depending upon the work and areas of interest but on average a freelancer earns enough to sustain himself and his family. Through the various options given by Dubai under freelancing, an individual can sponsor family members.

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