Why Invest in the Future-Ready Homes of Tengah?

Everything that you do in the present can affect your future. Every little decision, such as choosing what you should wear or what to ride to get to the office, matters. While this may cause some distress, it will wake you up to the reality of how small decisions can impact your future. In a sense, it will help you live right now like it is for the future.

From small to big decisions you make today, you must know that you will have to live with them in the future. A decision to invest in the Tengah district in Singapore for an HDB unit can cause a wave of change in your future, and it would be a good one.

Most people fear that they will no longer have time to have fun or witness their grandkids grow up because of what is happening with nature. Now that glaciers are melting and temperatures are rising, it is only a short matter of time before the earth faces its final day. Thus, you work harder, spend more time in the office, and juggle two jobs to secure your kids a good future. But, would there be one?


Why You Should Be Thinking About the Future?

Essentially, worrying can hurt you in the present, but only if you do not know how to dedicate your worries in the right and productive way. It is important to be curious about your future, but once you start obsessing about it, it may become detrimental to your health.

Moving to a Tengah plantation district can pave the way for a future that you want. How? Their principles and practices are focused on it. So, why not align yourself with them?

The future may be blurry for you right now. But, if you do not start thinking about it, here are some reasons that could change that:


You make more conscious decisions

One of the most fundamental functions of looking into the future helps people decide how to act. It will allow you to take the wheel of your life. From then on, you have better decision-making progress since you think about what a decision would unfold in your future.

Give you the motivation to achieve goals

It is not enough that you fantasise about a fruitful future, but you take action. Thinking about your future can serve as a mental contrast to your positive fantasies. It allows you to pace yourself and commit to the small steps that contribute to big changes. Thus, it gives you the necessary motivation to take those steps towards achieving goals!

Makes you more kind and generous

In business, you would want to help as much as you can because you know that it is for your family’s future. Whether it is getting to live in a Tengah HDB unit in Singapore or having a sustainable business of their own, you want to have a secure future where you also help others. Thinking about being helpful now can push you to be more kind and generous towards others, and it was shown in a study conducted before!


What to Know When Investing in Homes?

If the first thing that you look at in a new gadget is the price, it is different when it comes to looking at real estate. There is a hierarchy of factors that people consider before they invest in the real estate market. With your decision to find a future-ready home district, you should know what those factors are!

Learn these factors before getting into a new investment:


Property location

Proximity to amenities, green space, and the neighbourhood is what you should consider when choosing a Tengah HDB unit in Singapore, or simply called the factor of property location.

Your income stability

The last thing you want to happen is your kids paying for your debt. Investing in real estate is a financial commitment, and your wallet should be ready for it!

Characteristics of the property

You should gain more when you intend to purchase a home. A good district would have a good layout, structural integrity, and an open floor plan. With this, you have the freedom to make it your own.

These top factors will secure you a good investment choice. If you are wondering about the upsides of putting your money in a unit in the Tengah HDB new eco town in Singapore, continue reading!


Choosing Tengah Homes: Why are They Worth the Investment?

The Tengah HDB units or the new town in Singapore are also called eco-towns. What is an eco-town? It is a residential environment that advocates and practices sustainable living. Here, you will have an energy-efficient home that will allow you to develop sustainable habits. With habits like this, your mindset will shift and soon enough you will be future-ready!

How can one investment do that? Find out below!


Live smart

Tengah is the first eco-town in Singapore that uses technology to reduce the resident’s carbon footprint and, essentially, eliminate their contribution to global warming. They make that happen by making you aware of what you are doing to the planet with their app My Carbon Footprint.

With this app, you get to track your emissions from your daily activities, such as electricity consumption, mode and duration of commute, spending habits and food consumption. Knowledge is power, and knowing how you go about your day will help you make more informed decisions. And, these decisions will help reduce your burden on the environment.

Sustainable waste management

In the year 2019, Singaporeans had generated around 744 million kilograms of food waste. It is a problem because it does not align with the food demand, resulting in more people getting hungry. Food insecurity in Singapore puts pressure on resources, and it does not help with achieving sustainability for a small country.

In Tengah Singapore HDB units, you will have a smart waste management system. With this, your food waste can turn into energy or biochar, which will help keep the country cleaner and save the environment. To avoid being a contributor to landfills, you can participate in the correct waste management implemented in this district!

Guiltless aircon usage

Undeniably, it is difficult to work and sleep in the hot and humid weather in Singapore. People rely and are, somewhat, dependent on the cool air that air-conditioning provides because it sets a workable temperature where people are not dizzy from the heat. Also, it provides a cool environment where you can restfully sleep. However, no one is happy to receive their electricity bills at the end of the month.

You will have a different feeling when you decide to live in the Tengah plantation district because they have found a way to give residents an energy-efficient system that will save them around 15 to 20% with a centralised cooling system (CCS)! It is a modular chiller plant that provides alternative air-conditioning cooling using chilled water. Without the conventional ways of an AC system, it is more environmentally friendly and energy-saving!

You are ready for the future

Every individual contributes to the future of the country. When each citizen opts for greener choices today, they can secure a future that is livable for their grandchildren. You are one of them. Choosing to invest in a home in an eco-town like Tengah HDB new town in Singapore, you are making a difference and a sustainable choice.

Not only will you give your family a secured home today, but you will also give them a secured tomorrow. As early as now, you should make a forward-looking decision of investing in the smart home of Tengah!


Top Tips When Moving Houses

Most likely, you will have mixed emotions about moving to a new home. A fresh start can be both exciting and scary. It could get in the way of moving efficiently and may even be the cause of delay.

When it comes to moving to your new Tengah plantation district, whether the season is hot or rainy, you should have a solid plan. To help you out, take note of these top tips for a stress-free move:


Get rid of your clutter

A new house means a new life. Hence, you should leave behind the things that are old, unwanted, or unnecessary. Not only will decluttering save you more space for your new home, but it will also reduce the expenses of buying more boxes and renting a bigger truck that will transfer your furniture safely.

As early as now, start decluttering your cabinets and closets. Do not forget to bring with you the family heirlooms and other precious items that you want to bring with you. To ensure that your kids will participate in the decluttering process, you can make it a game on who will finish first.

Consider booking a removal company

You have plenty of options to make moving houses hassle-free, and one of them is booking a removal company. With them, they will ensure that your items are carefully packed. Your delicate items will be safe in their experienced hands, and your heavy items will arrive safely because they also know the best and humpless route to the new Tengah district in Singapore and your HDB unit!

When it comes to finding a removal company that you can trust, consider asking some friends or family members. If possible, consider asking the staff people from the Tengah district, they probably know plenty of companies since they assist in making residents have a safe move.

Pack your things early on

If you do not want to hire a removal company, it would be best to pack your things early. While you are still processing the final date of your moving day, it is good to have a flow in packing already. Create a plan of action with a room by room checklist of what items should go together. Having this would ensure that you will not leave anything you want to bring to your new home behind.

The transport might be a hassle, especially if you do not have a car or a van. When no friend or family is available to help you move, consider booking the transport services of a moving company. They will provide you with a spacious truck and a professional driver to help you on your moving day!

Talk to your utility providers

You do not want to go back and forth driving from your Tengah plantation district to your old house only to receive electricity bills or other utilities that should no longer be under your name. To avoid this hassle, settle and arrange your utilities before moving. It includes your energy provider, broadband provider, and water provider.

Once settled, ask for an official receipt that indicates you are no longer affiliated with your old address. It ensures that you are no longer the person or family living in your old house. Remember that the Tengal district has their very own energy storage system because they use solar energy! So, say goodbye to electricity plans and high pricing!

Do not forget to clean

Not only will you leave your old home in respectable condition, cleaning for the last time can help you spot things that may have been forgotten. Most of the time, these things would be the blinds, carpeting, and other door or window installation. It will save you money from buying new things that you already have.

More than that, the next family who will live there will be grateful for your consideration. You will also make their moving day a breeze. So, return the favour by doing a little brushing, vacuuming, and replacing items you broke.


Be Future-Ready with SP Home

No one can predict the future, but you can be ready for it. With the worsening effects of global warming, you want your family to be safe. Of course, the place where you know they will be away from danger is your home.

The progressive and forward-thinking solutions for a livable future is a choice that you can make today. With the Tengah neighbourhood by SP Home, you will be looking forward to centralised cooling, electric vehicle charging, and smart home technology. Getting a Tengah HDB unit in the new town in Singapore can give your family all that and more!

If you want to know the process of getting a home in their sustainable district, schedule a visit on their website today!

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