What To Look For When Leasing Commercial Property

Is your business looking for a new space? Once you start looking at potential rental properties, there are several steps you should take before you start signing lease agreements.

Location Scout

If you’re ready to start leasing commercial properties Nixa MO, get out your map and be prepared to spend some time in the car. Go to these potential locations during several different time periods so you can get an idea of traffic flow, signage availability, parking accessibility and the types of customers and businesses who frequent the area.

Rules, Rules, Rules

Now that you’ve determined the ideal location for your new space, start researching to determine what zoning laws and applicable building and health codes apply to your new commercial lease space. Make sure that your business practices won’t conflict with rules governing signage requirements, noise ordinances or environmental impacts. For some businesses like restaurants and spas, make sure the local health codes governing capacity and sanitation requirements will work for your business. Finally, see if the landlord or property owner itself has its own rules that may impact how you run your business.

Lawyer Up

The most important tip to remember is to not sign anything until you thoroughly understand the lease agreement’s terms and conditions. Many commercial lease agreements are complicated and the real-world implications of breaching a contract can be harsh. Hire an attorney to review the contract with you so he or she can advise you on the property maintenance obligations, the type of lease and its financial implications, availability of renewal terms and responsible parties for various utilities. A lawyer can also be useful to help if negotiations are necessary to craft the lease so it’s beneficial to both sides or if disputes occur later on.

Make sure you and your company are prepared to lease a commercial property by performing basic due diligence so you can make sound business decisions.

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