What A Dog Bite Attorney Will Do For You


If a canine has bitten you, you are liable for full compensation for the damages caused. A person who is a victim of a canine bite deserves to get proper medical care and follow-up treatment. However, too often, this is not what happens. That is the reason you should hire a skilled dog bite attorney, like these dog bite attorneys in Atlanta GA, in case a dog bites you. Find out what the professional will do for you.

Ensure You Get Proper Compensation

The best thing about hiring dog bite attorneys is that they make sure you get what is rightfully yours. A dog bite medical care can be costly, especially where surgery or rehabilitation is involved. You also have to consider the lost wages you incur for not going to work during the duration of your treatment.

A canine bite attorney will assist you with the project. They have been trained, and they understand the law. They will ensure you have recovered your lost expense. The right attorney will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and strive to make certain that they have reached a proper settlement.

They Will Ensure You Get Justice

The animal control law is there to protect the public from harm. However, sometimes these regulations are usually not effective. According to the legislation, it is the responsibility of the canine owner to ensure that the canine does not cause any harm to the public. Violating the local dog law like failing to keep the pet under control cause troubles.

If the dog owner did not put their canine under leash, and it bites you, a canine bite attorney will see to it you get justice. The lawyer will follow the right channels to fight for your claim. They will also ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Give You Time to Recover

After a dog bite, you might get hospitalized. During this period, you will not be able to deal with your case. Even when you are discharged, you will need to take some time off so that you can recover. When you hire a lawyer to represent your canine bite case, they will take care of the case while you focus on getting better.

A reliable attorney will update you on the happenings of the proceedings. Even if you are not present in court, the attorney will keep you updated with what is happening.

Fight on Your Behalf

Many people prefer representing their case since they find paying the attorney’s fee being too costly. Yet, when you hire a lawyer to assist you with your dog bite case, they will work on a contingency basis. What that means is you will not pay the lawyer until when they win the case.

These attorneys will get a small percentage of the compensation you get. For that reason, they will fight to ensure you get full compensation. They will also want you to win the case since failing will mean not getting paid.


Most people are not familiar with the dog bite laws. It is no wonder after a canine bite, most victims deal with the medical expense on their own. That should not be the case. If you have been bitten by a canine, it is paramount to hire a lawyer to assist you with your case.

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