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Top Cakes Designs To Skip Your Heartbeat

You have been munching on cakes throughout your life as they taste too delicious. And the word cake along brings water to your mouth. Slowly and steadily, following the path of advancement, cakes have also started catering not just taste-buds and stomach but eyes and heart too. Today, the cake market is full of such beautiful cakes that can make you skip your heartbeat just like it skips whenever you see your crush.

As the online cake delivery started to trend, the competition boosted like a rocket leading to the innovations in cake designs. Along with fondant icing and whipped creams, cake bakers have begun to use many different things to bring a new cake design every hour in the market. Below are some cake designs that your heart will surely love:

The Doughnut Cake

Name a person who has experienced the deliciousness of Doughnuts and denied to like it? That’s impossible! Because doughnuts are stuffed with the richness of different textures and are too tasty to dislike. And a cake baked in the shape of doughnuts having many real doughnuts as a topping is sure to skip your heartbeat for a second. It is something that your eyes will fall in love with.

Galaxy Cake

Tickle your party lover friend’s love for desserts and cakes to infinity and beyond with the galaxy cake. Iced with dark matter, stellar remnants, sparkling stars, galaxy cake attracts cake lovers like gravity attracts heavenly bodies. And this is not it! Wait until the cake gets cut because there is an entire solar system beneath the icing waiting to be savoured.

Rosy Chocolate Cake

We bet that you have never seen a cake such beautiful and eye-catchy. The bake of this cake is baked in the shape of a square having three layers of dark chocolate. It derives the beauty from the bloom of red roses made with whipped cream on top of the cake. You can easily drool over this cake by bringing it to you using midnight cake delivery in Hyderabad, Chennai, Gurugram, Delhi and any other city that you live in.

Floral Cake

Flowers lift the charm of things and places wherever they find themselves. And that’s what design of blooming flowers made with fondant icing and whipped cream does to the cake. Floral cakes are in fashion because of their unmatched prettiness. Real flowers or frosted flowers, floral cake are the magicians that mystify people, whether to gaze or to taste.

The Rubik Cube Cake

Don’t know have you ever solved the Rubik’s cube but you will surely gallop this Rubik Cube Cake. Not only does the cake look eye-Cathy, but you could also make each cube of the cake in a different flavour if you want to. Between mixing and matching flavours, and adding pretty decorations, this cake will definitely stand out. As the name suggests the design of this cake is inspired by the Rubik’s Cube.

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