The Basics of Using HEX Coins for Cryptocurrency Exchange

Hex is a brand new cryptocurrency that rewards its stokers and holders generously. It has made its place in several altcoin exchange sites quickly. But due to it being fresh, many are still not confident about how to utilize it? Here’s how to get (and give) HEX for cryptocurrency exchanges.

Choosing a Wallet

A crypto wallet, or a cryptocurrency wallet, does not provide any real money but the data about the money, and securely allows transactions. The first step in any altcoin exchange is to get a secure wallet. There are infinite crypto wallets in the market. But in general, they are of two types- physical and software. The former is more secure (but costly) than the latter.


After the first step, you’ll need a way to convert Etherium to hex coin. MetaMask is a crypto wallet for tokens. You won’t need any exceptional browser for it, as it runs excellently with Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera. After installation, you should make an account there for the conversion using the adoption amplifier.

Acquiring Etherium

For transforming ETH to HEX, you should first go to an altcoin exchange site to get ETH. There are no shortages of exchanges with Etherium on it. While doing so, always verify whether the site is trustworthy, secure, and legit. You don’t want to fall prey to a scammer, now do you?

Converting ETH to HEX

After getting your ETH from an exchange, the next step is the conversion. For the conversion, go to the Adoption Amplifier. Visit the “Transfer” page and enter your ETH into the pool. After the pool is closed, exit it. You’ll have your hex coin in your linked MetaMask wallet. The number of HEX depends on the number of ETH coins you’ve entered.

Staking HEX

Now that you’ve got HEX in your MetaMask wallet, it’s Staking time! Staking includes allowing the Adoption Amplifier to accommodate your HEX token for a chosen time and a preferred rate of interest. The HEX returns highly depend on the number of days set and the amount of HEX. Just don’t set an unrealistic period because prematurely ending the stake can cost you hugely.

Selling ETH

If you need to exchange HEX for some reason, it is wise to convert or swap it to ETH first. Manny swapping tools allow people to swap coins or tokens for small fees. Just visit the homepage of one such tool, select HEX to ETH tokens, and swap! You’ll have the ETH coins in your linked MetaMask account. From there, you can send the coins to your cryptocurrency wallet and sell the coins later on.

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