Services at Naples Free Clinics

Residents of the Naples Florida area are lucky to find several choices when they need a Naples free clinic.  

There are two different kinds of free clinics: sliding scale and completely free. Many of the clinics in Naples are based on a sliding scale.  Depending on the family income, the amount a patient pays will vary. Those with higher incomes will pay higher fees.  People living below the federal income poverty level will be able to receive services for free.

Where Services are Always Free

However, the Florida State Department of Health for Naples does provide totally free health care. For example, the Florida Department of Health provides many different services such as the Naples free clinic where people can be tested for free for sexually transmitted diseases including hepatitis and HIV.

In addition, county health departments are responsible for providing many health care functions. The county health departments do not have fees at all, so they are not based on a sliding scale. People in financial need are encouraged to go to a Naples free county health department clinic for basic primary care, immunizations, screening and treatment for tuberculosis, dental care, basic sick care, ob/gyn services, family planning, and well-child visits.

The free services provided by county health departments are funded by a partnership between the Florida Department of Health and the Board of County Commissioners.

People who are military veterans can find free health care through the Naples Department of Veterans Affairs.  Treatment is not based on income.  Veterans can receive counseling, primary care doctor services, surgery, care for chronic illnesses, and treatment for PTSD and other mental health issues.

Women who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant can find free prenatal care at the Community Pregnancy Clinic. Pregnancy tests are provided. They not only provide free prenatal care, they also provide counseling, crisis intervention, and post-abortion counseling.

Where Services are Based on a Sliding Scale

The Healthcare Network of Southwest Florida in Naples offers two locations for patients who need free care. This is a clinic that bases its fees on a sliding scale.  People who are below the federal poverty level can receive free services.  This clinic provides vision care in addition to basic primary care, pediatric services, counseling, and ob/gyn care.

People who need health care for their children can go to a sliding-scale facility called Golden Gate Pediatrics.  Again, if the patient’s income is below the federal poverty level, all medical care will be provided for free.  Their services range from well-baby checkups, care for children with chronic illnesses, and routine health screening.

PANIRA Healthcare Clinic in Naples is another sliding scale facility.  This clinic also offers walk-in urgent care.  Patients can use PANIRA Healthcare for their primary doctor, lab work, diagnostic testing, and for well-care visits for all ages.

Almost everyone has heard of Planned Parenthood clinics.  Their focus is on women in their child-bearing years.  Again, their fees are based on a sliding scale.  They help patients with family planning by providing birth control counseling along with prenatal care.

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