Plants for office. Should you rent or buy?

If you are here, you have read up about the benefits of office plants and have decided to add a few plants to increase the greenery of your workspace. However, you are not sure where to start. The first thing you will have to make sure of is whether you buy the plants or rent them. Initially, buying may seem like a better and hassle-free option. You make a one-time investment and buy the plants via big retailers like IKEA and Amazon. However, the plants must suit the place. If you want the right kinds of plants for your office, you should probably go with the renting option. However, only adding plants to your workspace will not beautify it. A huge part of workspace aesthetics is proper sanitation. If you are looking for floor mat cleaning services in Penang, check out floor mat service Penang. Plants cannot increase your office aesthetic appeal if the floor mats are dirty.

Renting is cheaper

It may be tempting to order the plants online, but plants don’t ship well when it comes to shipping. These are living things that do not travel well in boxes. If you order online, be ready to receive damaged goods that will make your office a huge mess.

Opting for a rental option is much better than buying all the items that you will need to create an urban jungle in your office. Custom installations and buying large pots can put a huge dent in the budget, especially if you have high-density designs. Another advantage of opting for rental services is that plant rental services can be claimed in your taxes. However, this is not possible if you choose to buy the plants.

Greater flexibility

The option of renting gives you much more flexibility. If you want to add more plants or get a few removed, it is all fairly easy. Most often, rental services also give additional products like plant care workshops as well as pop-up stores to help you increase your knowledge about plants.


Finding indoor office plants that will suit your workplace can be pretty daunting. Do you go for large plants, desktop pots, or others? Light levels, ventilation, and many other design considerations will also have to be taken care of. If you decide to rent, the people from the plant company will check out the location and tell you which plants are suitable. They will be responsible for installing a beautiful selection of plants that will improve the aesthetic appeal of your workplace. If you are looking to rent plants in Kuala Lumpur, check out potted plant rental KL.

Care and maintenance

Plants are living organisms that need care to survive. If you buy plants, you will also have to get a gardener to take care of them regularly. On the other hand, if you decide to rent plants, you do not have to bother with the plant careful stop the renting company itself will do it.

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