Matthew Davies Looks at Great Educational Websites for Teachers


Teachers in most nations are underpaid, yet they have the responsibility to sculpt responsible citizens of the future. According to Matthew Davies, even if you go online as a teacher to look for certain resources, you can get easily overwhelmed by the sheer volume available on the market. So, here’s a few excellent educational websites that can make a teacher’s job a bit easier:

The Sites

  1. Khan Academy – Khan Academy and its founder have a simple agenda. “To provide a free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere”. The non-profit was started back in 2008 and has since helped numerous teachers, students, and parents with the tools and resources to boost free high-quality education. They have an endless library of their own material with tutorial videos and other online resources. Moreover, their materials aren’t just limited to the English language. It is translated into several widely spoken languages to truly democratize education in a revolutionary way. 
  2. Common Sense Media – Common Sense Media has a wide collection of curated reviews by teachers like yourself. In the ‘For Educators’ section you will find lesson plans that allow you to teach students with appropriate resources of the digital age. It also has ratings and reviews for educational technology and apps. The website has helped thousands of schools and even more teachers since 2003 for research-based lesson plans and educational media that can be shown to young students in schools. 
  3. ArtsEdge– ArtsEdge is sponsored by The Kennedy Center and has a rich content of arts standards-based arts-centered resources for K-12. Once you open the Media Library you will see a plethora of content with material that ranges from Flash interactives to the language of music and the influence of theater. 
  4. Smithsonian Learning Lab – Smithsonian Learning Library allows both educators and learners to access tools and materials so that lessons can be personalized, and new ideas are encouraged. It has a wide collection of educational content that helps you build your own material and also forge educational networks among teachers and students.
  5. DiscoveryEd– DiscoveryEd has a vast collection of classroom resources that are free and help you to teach your students even after school hours. It also has a section called “Professional Development” that empowers teachers in polishing their skills and increases the efficacy of their lessons. You can engage your students more easily than before. 

Moreover, it also has the DEN community which is a community of teachers and educators like you. Here, teachers share teaching strategies that are based on research and interactive learning methods to strengthen each other. You can learn from your peers and teach them as well. You can also collaborate and participate in the learning events.


Matthew Davies believes that the current education system needs to change, and teachers can be the guiding light towards that change. With more digital and online resources than ever, education is being revolutionized at a rapid pace and teachers can facilitate that with the help of resources from the above-mentioned websites.

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