Is Workplace Dating Smart?

Have you ever gone on a date with someone you have worked with in the past or do now?

If the answer was yes, what was the experience like?

For some people, dating a co-worker is taboo. For others, they see nothing wrong with it.

So, is this something you’d be okay with as you look to make the cut with dating?

Knowing Pros and Cons of Dating a Co-Worker

If you have dated or are thinking of dating a co-worker, remember to go over the pros and cons of such a situation.

On the plus side, you theoretically would be spending more time with someone you work with. That is unless they are in another office and there is little chance or none at all of seeing each other.

For some people, this is the ideal situation.

They can spend time together during the workday or night and then have time together outside of work.

On the downside, too much time together may put a cramp in any relationship.

Yes, some people can end up spending too much time together. When this happens, it can make the relationship less exciting. This is because people run out of exciting things to tell their partner when they are together all so often.

Another thing in play with both up and down sides would be one’s appearance.

How one presents themselves for work can often be different than when they are in a more casual setting.

So, if you are the guy, you might look sharper dressed and better groomed at work than you would outside.

That is why it is important if you have facial hair to try and keep a consistent look. Doing so will make you more presentable to your partner more times than not.

In the event your razor is not cutting it, you can go online to get ideas for better shaving equipment.

Whether you opt for a brand that provides razor delivery or not, the goal is to have the best shave possible.

On the downside, your partner may come to expect you to look well-groomed outside of the workplace too. Is that something you can handle or is it a bit too much?

Your Job Performance Matters

Finally, are you the least bit concerned that dating a co-worker could impact your job? Might it create some discomfort if others you work with learn of or know about the relationship?

Looking at the first question, your job should always be your focus when you are on the clock. Doing anything short of this can set you up for potential failure. That is if you are not careful. Remember, there will be plenty of time outside work to enjoy getting together.

When it comes to discomfort in dating in the office, would co-workers knowing your life be an issue? What about your partner and their feelings? If both of you are good with co-workers knowing what is going on, then there should be no issues.

In considering dating someone you work with, think things through ahead of time.

Will it be too much work for you at the end of the day?



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