How to Determine If You Need a Lawyer

Getting a good lawyer can be the difference between getting paid and having to pay. There are numerous occasions where hiring a lawyer can be very beneficial for you, and in most cases, it seems like the logical thing to do. That said, there is an exception to the rule as most cases aren’t all cases.

Reaching out to the wrong layer type can be costly, both in time and money. And it doesn’t stop here. As lawyers are human beings and come in all shapes and sizes, there are many of them out there. While they are all practicing the law and honing their craft, not all achieve the same results and effects. Finding the best one that perfectly fits your needs and the current situation can be a daunting task. But the payoff can be more than enough to cover the hassle. So, first things first.

1.Cause and effect.

Were you recently, or are you currently, involved in any situations that resulted in you being wronged or maybe damaged? Or where your rights were breached in a way that you find unacceptable? Assessing this situation and determining if you need a lawyer is very similar to a doctor’s appointment. Let’s draw some comparisons to make this clear. You are walking around your house, perfectly healthy, and of course, you hit your little toe on a piece of furniture. While this is painful, in a few seconds the pain subsides, you examine your toe, and it’s perfectly normal so you go on about your day. You didn’t call an ambulance and demanded to get an X-ray or a surgical intervention as you correctly asset the situation.

The same applies to lawyers. Again, for example, you got into a slight fender bender situation where another driver bumped into your car a bit. It’s nothing much and the other driver calmly and promptly apologized and remained rational. He offered compensation that seems more than adequate, you accepted it and after a small talk, you both continue your way. Your rational way of thinking didn’t want to drag this to the Supreme Court or the International Court in Hague, but did the right and correct thing.

A calm, cold and rational thinking and assessing your current situation is the key factor in your search for a lawyer. Ask your self have you been wronged with a follow-up question that should be “Is it worth the hassle?” This brings us to our next step.

2.Time is money.

Legal proceedings can take a lot of time. And I mean, more than you are currently thinking. Court hearings and procedures, statements, and a whole myriad of other unknown factors can simply appear out of nowhere and drag your case on and on, seemingly, forever. And we haven’t even started on the costs of the whole thing. To be fair, most lawyers offer various ways to help out with the massive expenditures that can occur during the process and this is most definitely something you should keep an eye out for. And for your bottom line as well.

Getting justice is one thing and if that’s all you seek, then good for you as money and time aren’t factors in that case. But if you are looking for monetary compensation for a wrongful thing that’s been done to you, and after all is said and done, the bottom line is very, very thin, then you will ask yourself “Was this worth it?” In many minor and lesser incidents, such compensations can be made with out-of-court bargains, which can save both parties valuable time, energy, peace of mind, and money. In the end, again, this is a very personal item on the list as it relies on your moral compass and how much sleep you are willing to lose over a clam. And if you are still determined and want to go on with your pursuit for justice, then that leads us to:

3.Finding the right tool for the job.

This may come out a bit harsh, as lawyers are not something so crude but just stay with me on this one for comparison reasons. If you want to paint your house, will you use a paintbrush or a hammer? For mowing the laws, will you be going with the angle grinder or a lawnmower? The same is with seeking legal help. Lawyers specialize in specific fields of law. As the term “law” is broad, lawyers find themselves specializing in certain areas of it. This leads to them becoming more competent in their chosen field.

Got into something more than a fender bender and the other side is at fault? Do they want to get out scotch-free and leave you with the bill? Find a Car accident lawyer. A close acquaintance died and you feel their will is being tampered with or that you are getting a short end of the stick because someone is greedy? Contact a Wills lawyer. Another good reason for contacting this specialized form of lawyers is to plan for the future. And I mean way ahead. Consider the roles revered and that you didn’t plan or wrote your own will. So now your property is not being evenly distributed or split accordingly to how you want. This will leave your loved ones with the burden of employing and battling legal wars, costing them time and money in a most sensitive time.

And everything previously mentioned could have been easily avoided with a single piece of paper. That will could have been drafted, over a nice cup of coffee in a cozy office with a trained professional.

A doctor has performed malicious malpractice that has jeopardized your health? A medical attorney is a right man for the job.

The point being here is that you don’t want to google or do research about lawyers, you need to find the right lawyer specializing in the field that best suits your needs for justice. Now, the next factor for the best lawyer is:

4.Word of mouth

Any Marketing student, worth their salt, will tell you that word of mouth is the most valuable type of promotion there is. This makes a lot of sense if you think about it. If, for example, I was to tell you to go to Jon Doe for legal assistance and your close personal friend recommends you a lawyer in a specific field that has helped him and even gives you his card and arranges a meeting, who are you more likely to go with? Lawyers that have a lot of experience under their belt tend to generate a lot of buzz in their surroundings. After all, they are working with people and people like to talk.

You may not even know it but there is a strong possibility that some of your acquaintances, friends or close relatives already know a lawyer or maybe even employed one at some point. Over a cup of coffee or a drink, you can most certainly find out more and get some contact information. This can be a great start for future reference. Even if you don’t need any lawyer type at this exact time, it’s always good to have options should the need arise in the future. When an accident or an unfortunate event happens, you don’t want to go thru dozens of tabs on Google. At the time, you will be overwhelmed with many things, like the pursuit of justice, so having a log book with meaningful contact information can save you a lot of valuable time and mental health. After all, why do the work of finding the right lawyer, when someone you trust has already tried, tested, and found one? It just makes sense to follow their path.

Should the push come to shove, worst come to pass, or any other expression that is used to describe an unfavorable situation for you, it’s always best to be prepared. Generally speaking, the fields of law, are vast and dauntingly large. Even the very lawyers that work in it often have problems and difficulties in navigating thru it.

Their education provides solid foundations and ideas for guidance thru the sheer volume of laws and mountains of texts so you don’t have to. You should always think about yourself and your best interest in any situation that life can throw. And while this may seem like a daunting and exhausting task at first, by breaking it down into smaller parts and a step-by-step process, anyone can prepare for the worst and have a better chance of obtaining what’s best for them.

 And that means winning in scenarios that have caused any injustice or wrongdoing to you. With that in mind, and as a driving force, you can start preparing early and plan for the future, so that you can always stay afloat in any given situation. And we can all agree, that it’s always best to have an answer to any, and even unexpected, questions that may come up at any given time. So, lawyer up, start stacking the deck and beat any odds that may seem stacked against you.

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