How Long do Tulip Bouquets Last?

Are you currently confused about what special gift idea is right to give to that special person and convey a deep emotional message? If so, then a tulip bouquet is the perfect answer. This also triggers the increasing number of florists who appear to be present by providing a large selection of cut flowers and flower arrangements, including a tulip bouquet.

For most people, when their flower order arrives or has received a gift in the form of a flower bouquet, they will surely immediately place it in a vase. To keep the flower order from being damaged, florists usually use a special vehicle for flower delivery orders to be delivered to your place. Once the flowers are in place, the next flower care falls on your hands.

How long does a tulip bouquet last? This is a common question everyone asks when they buy or receive a tulip bouquet. When you receive or buy a tulip bouquet, you must think, “Oh my God, they are so beautiful. But how long can their beauty last?”. The answer is a tulip bouquet can last 10 to 14 days. Of course, its durability must be assisted by proper care for cut flowers.

So, what care should be done on a tulip bouquet to make it last longer? Here’s how to care for cut tulips so that they last :

  1. Choose the right vase

The right vase for cut tulips can cover at least half the tulip’s height. Due to the symmetrical nature of tulips, they can lean against the vase without becoming bent. Many people use shorter vases to produce a forward-bending flower effect. However, using this vase can cause the flowers to die more quickly.

  1. Clean the vase first

This is done to make sure there is no sediment left from the previous wreath in the vase that you will use. Use soap and warm water to wash the entire vase, then dry it using a towel. This way, fresh tulips will not pick up bacteria, which can cause them to rot faster.

  1. Fill the vase with cold water

The function of cold water on the tulip stem is to keep the stem fresh and hard. While warm or hot water will cause tulips to become weak and flabby.

  1. Cut the ends of the stems at an angle

Before placing the flowers in the vase, cut the ends of the stems at a 45-degree angle. It is then continued every day when changing the water in the vase, cut an inch above old cut stems.

  1. Position the ends of the rods

Arrange the ends of the tulip stems so that the tulip stems’ ends have a little space in the vase. Because giving a little space will prevent the flowers from crowding together. If the ends of the stems coincide, causing the petal to fall prematurely and shortening your flowers’ lifespan.

  1. Routinely change the water

Don’t forget to regularly change the water every day and replace the vase if necessary. Bacteria, fungi, and algae easily use water that has been stagnant for a long time to nest and reproduce. This can cause your beautiful tulips to die quickly.

  1. Feed the flowers

Not only do animals have to be fed to stay alive, but flowers must also be fed. In addition to plain water, you can also use food ingredients such as vinegar, sugar, or lemon to make the flowers last longer. Just mix one of these ingredients in a vase filled with water. The size is 2 tbsp with 1 liter of water. Or if you don’t want to bother, you can buy flower food at flower shops.

  1. Keep the vase out of the sun

Flowers vary widely, and temperature regulation in caring for cut flowers is essential. Several types of flower bouquets can be stored in shady conditions, cool, and exposed to sunlight. But, sunlight dramatically affects the condition of your flowers. We recommend storing your flowers in a shady and temperature room that is not too much sun. Otherwise, the tulips will wilt from the heat.

  1. Remove wilted leaves and flower

Cut and remove leaves and stems that look wilted or dry, as this will affect the condition of your fresh flowers. Discard wilted flowers, as this will affect other flowers.

  1. Keep away from fruit

You should avoid placing flowers close to the fruit on the dining table. Tulips are particularly vulnerable to the gas. And fruits release ethylene gas, which can speed up the process of flower rot.

  1. Don’t mix tulips with flowers in the Narcissus family

Daffodils and other flowers that belong to this family emit substances that can cause tulips to wilt faster. Therefore you should use a different vase for each cut flower to keep it fresh.

  1. Repeat the above steps daily

Repeat these steps every day on your tulips. Do this until this treatment does not help your cut tulips.

Gifting a flower to someone you love is a way to express your feeling and affection. A tulip bouquet is one of the flower choices that is most often presented on special days. Tulip is one of the flower choices that is most often given on Valentine’s Day. This is inseparable from the meaning of red tulips, which symbolize the perfect love.

Like other flowers, different tulip flower colors also have their respective importance. In addition to pink tulips symbolize care and happiness, which makes them a very good gift choice when congratulating someone. White tulips symbolize forgiveness. And It is best to bring white tulips when you want to make up with your girlfriend. At the same time, yellow tulips stand for hope and cheerful thoughts. A bouquet of yellow tulips is a perfect gift on birthdays, graduations, get-well gifts, and your friend’s new house party. It is best to wish them good luck for their new beginning.

The bright orange color of the tulips symbolizes passion. You can give it to your friends that failed at something. A bouquet of an orange tulip is expected to provide energy in the form of enthusiasm to rise and revive their optimism. And purple tulips symbolize royalty and perfection. In the Netherlands, purple tulips are interpreted as an expression of love at first sight.  So, you can bring a purple tulips bouquet on your first date.x

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