Few post-renovation cleanup tips and tricks

Did your house undergo a renovation project? Are you worried about how to clean up all the mess post-renovation? Well, post-renovation cleaning can be quite a hazardous task to do especially if you do not know where exactly you should start from. So, here we have come up with some easy steps that will help you to get your newly renovated space cleaned up quickly and easily.

How do you clean up your house after renovation?

It is important for you to keep the construction dust to a minimum while you are working on Post Renovation Cleaning Penang. Renovation and construction dust is required to be cleaned up quickly so that they do not accumulate. Otherwise, you are going to have to undergo a lot of difficulty in cleaning everything up from the scratch. First and foremost, you need to dispose of all the construction debris that accumulated during the renovation process. This can be done by removing the dust, dirt and unused pieces of hardware from the various rooms of your house.

You can also rent dumpsters for this activity. However, dumpsters can be quite expensive and it also requires a lot of effort. You can also get a professional clean up service provider who would get everything cleaned up for you quickly and easily.

Few general cleaning activities:

Clean the walls: You should start off by cleaning the walls of your house. Try to dust off all the dirt from the walls of your house. You can also wipe off the walls with a soft piece of cloth. You can also use a broom to dust off the dry dust particles.

Dust the fans and the ceiling: Next, you should start cleaning up the ceilings and fans of your house. This can be done by using a soft brush. You can also take the help of a vacuum cleaner to get everything done quickly and easily.

Wipe the surface: You must wipe all the exposed surfaces of your house. This may include tabletops, kitchen countertops, tops of wooden furniture and much more. This can be done by using a wet piece of cloth. You can also use a cleanser in order to get everything clean properly.

Dust off the windows: It is also quite important for you to get the windows of your house properly cleaned. This can be done with a glass cleaner and a towel. If the windows look dirty,  then your house is also going to look really messy.

Clean the entries and exits: You should also pay special attention to the entries and exit ways of your house. Try cleaning the porches and the balconies properly. Tou should also give special attention to the driveways and walkways of your house.

And a few points to end with:

And these are some of the tips and tricks for post-renovation cleaning. You can also get Potted Plant Rental KL for your house and give it a completely refreshing and natural look. 

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