9 Tips to Protect Facility Floors Before and During Winter

Flooring is an expensive and important asset of any building. Maintaining it becomes difficult during the winter months. The cold months are the costliest time for floor maintenance. Dirt, harsh alkaline deposit from the melting ice and pebbles affects the floors adversely. Before the winter season approaches, you should have a proper plan in space on how you are going to take care of your floor and protect them from alkaline, snow, and dirt. Search for “flooring companies near me” and call the experts to do an inspection.

Maintenance tips for your floor

Following are some proactive suggestions to take care of your floors before the winter months:

  • Recoat the floors and do a light scrub on them. Use a quality floor finish before the snow invades in. The protective coat on the floors will help to avoid deep stains on the finish.
  • Use extra matting on the entryways. This will help to keep the moisture and ice melts compounds away from being trapped in some parts of the building.
  • Try a wet vacuum on the matting during the winter days so that it does not trap the moisture and salt inside. It will even help to eliminate odd odors.
  • Use a neutralizer solution in a carpet extractor or automatic scrubber. It will keep the ice melt residue away from penetrating your building.
  • To get the best results, keep your mopping solution clean by changing your neutralizing solution frequently.
  • During the harsh winter days, increase the frequency of auto scrubbing and mopping your floors. It will keep your floor neat.
  • The ice melts residues can damage your automatic scrubber if you do not remove them from the machine. Keep your machine clean so that bacteria do not get a chance to build up.
  • To enhance the longevity of your wet mops, make sure you rinse them thoroughly and wring them out.
  • The mop buckets should be rinsed and cleaned with a disinfecting solution whenever you use them.

Protecting the floor would be much cheaper than the repair costs. Therefore, to preserve the goodness of your expensive floor, you should take preventive measures much before the cold season comes in. You can reach the flooring experts by searching for flooring near me.

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