8 Perks of playing the new version of chess-online chess

Numerous people are getting involved in games nowadays as we all are facing a pandemic situation the only way to live a stress-free life is by enjoying playing the games. Since there are many games indoors especially which one can enjoy with the family and friends. Eventually,we all know that we cannot go out and hang out in public to remain safe we ought to take some precautions.  As we all know the technology is giving us new inventions every other day same the game technology has enhanced a lot as compared to the past years. Moreover, as we know that it’s not safe to go and play outside we all prefer playing online games with our friends and family and get reunited again.

Nowadays there are numerous games available and online chess game has created a buzz around. chess was invented around 1500 years ago. In this there are pawns in the second row while rooks are in the corner, knights next to them, then bishop and the queen all this comprises of a chessboard set up and the board consists of 8 rows and columns total of 64 squares of alternating colour. This game sounds more interesting than even just talking. As of now, indoor activities,digital technology is an important aspect in every person life these kinds of games give refreshment in the daily routine life. As technology is innovating day by day so are the games going through various developments and daily we have a new updated version of the game. Well as this name this is just chess games that have some rules that can be that has to be followed that the king only moves one scare horizontally, vertically or diagonally and queen can move the number of times either horizontally ,vertically or diagonally. Rook can be moved while castling otherwise also it can be moved vertically or horizontally. Castling is the game in which more than one pieces moved during the turn. However, the main motive of this game is to checkmate the open skink and it teaches us about offence and defence. Chess games have been loved by many and since we can play it online it has gain importance.

The chess game is a board game that is held between two players only in online mode it can be two players that can be friend’s family or anyone or it can be held between the player and the computer, the pieces are moved according to the rules that are precise in the chess from a long time. This is a recreational and a competitive board game the main motive of the game is to checkmate the opponents’ king and you are the winner. It is played between the skilful persons but nowadays as everyone is into the online games everyone has their hands-on how to play chess since it’s a very interesting game to learn about the opponent’s ideas. Furthermore,we can play the game with our friends and family sitting at the comfort of our home and we can play with any person around the various corners of the globe.Any person of any age group can enjoy and play this game virtually.  Below given are some benefits of the chess game:

1)The premier benefit of playing the game is that the person remains stress-free in this lightning-fast world people hardly have time to enjoy or sparea few minutes from their hectic schedules. The chess game online gets your help out of your stress and such interesting games also refreshes your mind.

2) The second most important point is that it helps to regain the bond between the friends and the family. Since everyone is busy in their own lives no time is there to catch up and enjoy these kinds of games helps to regain the bonds and play it anywhere anytime with any person around the globe.

3)Chess game online also increases the capacity of logical thinking as you have to protect the pieces and also checkmate opponents king.

4) It also helps a very basic rule of life that is victory and defeat since everyone cannot win every time so the person especially the youngsters need to taste defeat as well as the victory for their lives.

5) Moreover this game also helps to develop your interpersonal development since playing around the known ones or playing with the people gives you an idea of the opinions of the other person you started thinking according to the other person to win the game.

6) Eventually these games also help you to develop your social circle it does not only help you to regain the old bonds with your family and friends but it also helps you to gain the new bonds around the globe since it is played between the two players and if you play randomly choose the random players then you it can help you to make new friends around the globe.

7) Not only it helps you to maintain a social circle or to refresh your hectic schedule but some apps also offer rewards and cash prizes for playing it and the cash prices are not virtual they are cash prizes and rewards given to the players.

8)The chess game also teaches us about the offence in the defence as in this game we have to defend our king before the opponents and also destroy the others pieces.

Chess with friends is the most opted option in online games today as everyone wants to enhance their key skills by acknowledging the ideas of the opponent, by the innovative thinking and the opinion of the other person. This game is the new way to enjoy games at peace. Since we know that many games includeviolent guns etc which are not safe for kids children or even adults sometimes that it gives a long-lasting effect so enjoyable games such as chess game is the new turn in the gaming world to enjoy to refresh and to spend some quality time with the family.This game is beneficial in many ways it helps you to read and think about the other person opinion as well. Nowadays as the situation is it’s not safe to go outside and play so people are opting out for more digital games and the craze has been increased since last few years as the technology is evolving day by day with the new upgraded versions of interesting games which not includes violence but is enjoyable and interesting at also enhances your skills and abilities.

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