7 Pro Tips To Make The Perfect Cup Of Matcha Latte With Pistachio Cream


A cup of coffee in the morning is almost everyone’s go-to caffeinated drink to start their day. There’s nothing wrong with indulging in a good cup of coffee every morning, but we must admit that it can sometimes get boring and redundant. And for some, the taste of coffee isn’t appealing enough, even with the promise of caffeine.

Thankfully, other ways to wake you up in the morning don’t necessarily involve brewing a cup of coffee. Many people turn to matcha as their source of caffeine from time to time, but the thick beverage can sometimes be too bitter for some to enjoy. The key to appreciating the matcha flavour is to learn how to make it properly and get creative with your recipes.

If you’re ready to treat your taste buds to a delicious cup of matcha latte with a twist, here are some important tips you should follow closely:

Tip 1: Look For High-Quality Matcha

To ensure you get the best experience look for the best matcha you can find. If you sacrifice the quality you can end up with a brown and disappointing drink instead of the vibrant green matcha latte we expect.

Tip 2: Use Natural Sweeteners

Drinking matcha without any sweetener is not recommended, especially on your first try. Matcha is a very strong flavour, and a little sweetener boosts its complexity and taste. Agave and maple syrup are popular options, or you can also get adventurous and add a spoon of pistachio cream for a delectable drink.

Tip 3: Mix Together Add-Ons Thoroughly

If you are planning to add something extra to your matcha powder, such as the suggested pistachio cream above, make sure to mix the two ingredients to incorporate them well thoroughly. Simply piling on the powder and cream and hoping for the best is not enough.

Tip 4: Use Hot Water Before Milk

Matcha is known to dissolve more readily in hot water compared to hot milk. It is best to pour about 60ml of hot water into the mixed powder and cream before adding any milk, dairy or otherwise.

Tip 5: Use A Matcha Whisk

Matcha is traditionally mixed using a special bamboo whisk. This gives it a nice frothy and smooth consistency. In a pinch, a blender will also work, but the end result will not be as authentic as using a bamboo whisk.

Tip 6: Avoid Any Clumps

While whisking or blending the matcha and pistachio mix in water, do this vigorously to avoid any matcha clumps. Clumps will affect the taste of the matcha latte and how you enjoy your drink.

Tip 7: Find Your Preferred Temperature

Once the matcha is mixed, you can add your hot milk and even make some froth using a milk frother for a complete experience. However, some matcha drinkers like their matcha extra hot, while others like it with cold milk and ice. As long as you fully dissolve all the matcha powder in hot water and there are no clumps, how you enjoy your matcha latte with pistachio cream is up to you.

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