4 Tips for Successful AC Installation and Functioning


Although it may be tempting to install your air conditioning unit in the hottest room or area in the house, professionals and amateurs alike would not recommend this. If your AC is located in an area that heats up quickly and easily, it will exert a lot of effort in an attempt to cool the area, causing your electric bill to skyrocket. Other location precautions to be aware of include proximity to gas and fire hazards, closeness to trash cans and sunlight infiltration, and the amount of airflow space it will have in all directions. When installed, AC units should have at least fifteen centimeters of space to each side, and will ideally be located out of direct sunlight to prevent overexertion. They should also be kept away from trash cans to eliminate the spread of undesirable smells throughout the house.


Don’t spend more than you can comfortably afford. Consult a professional to measure your home and determine the appropriate sizing for your AC installation in Fruit Heights. If your air conditioning unit is too small, you risk overworking the unit and overspending on your electric bill. If the air conditioning unit installed is too large, you may pay a larger upfront cost than is necessary for your home’s needs. Set your own goals and expectations, and calculate approximately how much your monthly electric bill will cost based on your regional climate and temperature preferences. Set AC spending limits and work with your contractor to remain within those limits.


Ideally, the air conditioning unit you install in Fruit Heights should be energy efficient. One way to measure this is with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio score or SEER score. On average, your AC should function with a SEER score of at least fourteen. However, a more efficient AC will have a score of twenty. Although efficient AC’s can be a bit pricier upfront, they save a lot of money in the long run, because the installed air conditioning unit isn’t having to work so hard to cool the house.


Tripped breakers and dead batteries are some of the most common inconveniences with air conditioning systems in Fruit Heights, but they can be easy fixes. Clogged ducts, fins, fan blades, drain tubes, and filters are another frequent cause of AC malfunctions. Hire a trained air conditioning service to clear debris and melt residual ice that may be caught in your fan blades, or install a new air conditioning system.

Ascend HVAC is an air conditioning and furnace service located in Fruit Heights that provides air conditioning and furnace repairs and installation.

Ascend HVAC is an AC service in Fruit Heights that provides air conditioning and furnace repairs and installation.

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