10 Simple Ways to Secure your Home

Do you know that around 2 million home burglaries are committed every year nationwide? Have you ever fell victim to such a crime? There are plenty of methods of safeguarding your beautiful home. Here are 10 simple methods that will help you safeguard your home against possible muggings.

  1. Start with the basic keeping your windows and doors locked, especially while going out. Most intruders are criminals of opportunity; hence they target homes where it will be quick to get in and out. Being a safe homeowner, it becomes your responsibility to make it harder to gain entry for such intruders.
  2. Burglars will hesitate to target homes with barking dogs. Noise and visibility are the enemies of thieves. Ensuring that your outdoor areas are well-illuminated will help to keep potential criminals at bay. Well-lit homes and streets provide visibility to neighbors and enable them to detect any suspicious activity. 
  3. The presence of a fence or wall around your property will increase the sense of security along with keeping unwanted visitors out. 
  4. Do not make the mistake of placing luxurious decorative items near your windows and place them smartly to restrict visibility from outside. Make this a habit to put away laptops and other such expensive items when not in use.  
  5. Update your home security with the help of motion detectors and other such technology. Find out more about buying a home security device by talking to an expert. If you are unable to afford such hi-tech security systems, simply install alarms that emit a loud noise whenever someone tries to break-in. Apart from this, put generic ‘this house is protected by ABC security’ or ‘you are under surveillance’ stickers.
  6.  Be careful of who you are letting in your home. Often criminals visit your home disguised as marketing agents, tree trimmers, etc. and unlock a window to gain entry later. Be on guard and get a background check whenever you hire contractors, baby sitters, plumbers, etc. 
  7. Install security bars on your windows, if you are residing in a particularly risky area. However, these bars might create difficulties for your family members to get out of the home quickly in case of fires. So, make adequate use of shutters and curtains to prevent snooping. Consider getting a security film which makes the glass harder to breakthrough, resulting in safeguarding your home.
  8. Store your jewelry and important documents in a safe, which is positioned in a hard-to-reach spot.
  9. Make it a habit to lock the interior as well as exterior doors of your garage. If you have a security code to open the door, refrain from entering it in front of delivery men or neighbors. 
  10. If you ever arrive at home from vacation, and things appear out of order, call for help. There is always a tiny chance of getting robbed, despite dense security. Make a list of all your expensive items in Google Spreadsheet, and it will help you claim with your insurance company.  

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