World Physiotherapy Day- Why the elderly actually require physiotherapy and vital guidelines for 2021

Physiotherapy is known as the science behind curing, preventing and rehabilitating people who are physically disabled, injured or challenged.  It is one of the most ancient sciences throughout the world. World Physiotherapy Day is celebrated annually on the 8th of September and this year, there were some vital aspects and tips discussed about the importance of physiotherapy for the elderly.  This day is celebrated for spreading more awareness about the potential behind physical therapies and the hard work put in by therapists for tending to their patients. Physiotherapy helps in treatment of diverse medical issues including cardiopulmonary issues and musculoskeletal dysfunction alike.

Elderly citizens or seniors should definitely have the right options available pertaining to physiotherapy near me for maintaining independence, staying injury-free and leading a happier life. This day highlights the trusted and vital role played by physiotherapists in the community, particularly for improving the health of elderly patients. Being one of the commonest allied health professions, physiotherapy covers mobilization techniques, kinesiology, exercise, health education and other electrical and physical agents for treatment of chronic and acute pain alike. This year, the theme was rehabilitation after severe respiratory illness and the role that physiotherapists and activity will play in enabling people to recover swiftly. The theme also highlighted rehabilitation and COVID-19 pandemic which has affected people throughout the world.

As per insights from the celebrations and subsequent discussions amongst industry leaders, it was suggested that physiotherapy may help in respiratory treatment while helping patients rehabilitate physically post being affected due to COVID-19 as well. Physiotherapy will greatly help the elderly with regard to restoration of movement, maintaining balance, management of pain, recovery speed-up for patients affected with chronic and acute pain and so on. It greatly enables seniors to stay absolutely healthy while living in their homes minus any dependency upon other people.

Here are some of the key advantages that were highlighted:

  • Independence- Physiotherapy helps in enabling elderly people to restore their balance and mobility while maintaining proper levels of physical activity at the same time. This helps them maintain independent lifestyles without depending too much on their family members. Normal physical mobility and functioning enhances overall health greatly for elderly citizens and has a direct impact on their psychological and social welfare as well. The longer that they remain active, the higher their overall independence. Mobility based limitations are one of the key reasons for elders looking for suitable help or assistance. Physiotherapy will enable elderly citizens to perform all daily tasks without any rapid decline.
  • Recovery- Physiotherapy near me helps senior citizens recover speedily from fractures and other bodily injuries. If they get hospitalized post fractures, illnesses or accidents, physical therapy will help them attain higher mobility and physical strength in the bargain.
  • Strength and Stabilization- Elders often look for physiotherapy since they may feel weaker or unstable while they are out walking. The fear of falling down is another constant reason for anxiety. Regular physiotherapy will help in building strength and lowering the risks of sudden falls.




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