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Why Have a Dessert Table on Your Wedding Day?

Marriage. This word is not something anyone could decide easily. A couple would need to take a lot of time before they could make a decision. They have to consider all the factors of why they should spend a lifetime together.  If you were able to do this with your lover, then congratulations! You have crossed one thing from your to-do list. Now, what should you do next? Well, aside from hiring an event planner, you should plan out your dessert table well. That way, your guests would have the sweetest time at your wedding. So, to serve them up with a delicious piece of dessert, it would be a good idea to get a patisserie in Singapore instead of an ordinary baker. 


Let us first discuss their differences. 


Patisserie vs Baker

These two are both different trades of expertise. However, most people think there are no differences between one another. Yet, what they did not know is that a patisserie makes sweets while a baker bakes bread. One tastes sweeter, while the latter is simple with a little bit of crust. Nevertheless, both creations could fulfil one’s hunger and cravings.


What Is a Dessert Table?

As the name suggests, a dessert table is a table full of different desserts. It could have cupcakes, tarts, macarons, etc. The reasons you would need to have this on your wedding day is to make sure your guest would have something to eat whenever they are feeling hungry or under the weather. As you might have guessed, sweets do solve problems, much more than we can expect. So, if you have not planned out your caterings yet, consider including a dessert table. Perhaps, one of each side of your reception venue. 


How Many Desserts Do You Need for a Wedding?

 The number of desserts you would need depends on how many guests you would have on your wedding day. So, before you order some macarons and others in Singapore, ask your event planner how many acknowledgements you got from the RSVP invitation you sent out months ago. Those responses would help you determine how many desserts you need to serve on your dessert table. 


Eight Things You Would Need In a Dessert Table

  1. A Theme

To make sure your dessert table will warm the hearts of your guests, it would be a good idea to decide on a similar theme to your wedding. That way, your guest would feel special as they eat the sweets made by the patisserie in Singapore. They would also see how balanced and well-coordinated your wedding is to your decoration and desserts. 


  1. Serve It with White

Similar to what most brides are wearing, white is the symbol for purity. However, in the case of desserts, white platings are a canvas that makes any sweet stand out. It would also make it tastier in the eye of your guests. So, make sure to ask your patisserie to use some whites cake stands, platters, and plates for the entire dessert table. 


  1. An Array of Sweets

Cakes, cupcakes, pies, pretzels, doughnuts, etc., name any desserts you know or craving to eat is what a patisserie can make for you on your wedding day. Unlike the go-to pastries, they can make anything that matches the theme of your wedding. So, why buy somewhere else when you can ask someone to make everything according to your theme and colour scheme? Having balance and unity in your dessert table is what makes it more delicious to eat. 


  1. Opt for Edible Picture Cookies

Your prenup photoshoot is not just something you could display on the widescreen in front of your guest. You could ask your patisserie to include it into the desserts they are making. That way, your guests could see the reasons why you got married and want to spend a lifetime together. You see, sometimes, a picture says something more than what a person could see in person. 


  1. Perhaps, a Fabulous Set of Macaron

If you are into desserts and you want something simple yet delicious to eat, then getting a macaron delivery in Singapore is what you should do. You see, a macaron may be plain-looking at first glance, but when you bite, the flavour melts into your mouth and leaves you hanging what is in there. So, if you want your guest to feel the same thing, it would be a good idea to place different flavours of macaron as a starter dessert. 


  1. Place a Dessert Labels

Since not everyone has a sweet tooth, they would not know what desserts are in front of them. So, instead of letting your guest guess of what those are, place some labels on it. Ask your patisserie if they could do it on your behalf. Perhaps, a description, too, on what the ingredients are. That way, they would know if they could get an allergic reaction to the dessert they ate or not. 


  1. Yummy Take Away

 Well, of course, a wedding would not end without any souvenirs. So, instead of giving aways something figurines, why not send them a box of macaroons? You see, giving sweets would help them remind of your wedding as they drive themselves back to their home. Perhaps, they could give it to their children who could not attend your wedding, too!


All in all, eating sweets makes us feel better. Much more, if we ate it as we celebrate something as splendid as tying a knot of two individuals. So, if you ever need a cake for your upcoming wedding anniversary in Singapore, do not hesitate to order at BELLTON PATISSERIE! They have all kinds of desserts you would ever pair with your cup of tea. 


Visit their website today and find out which desserts you would like to order first. 

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