When Is The Best Time To Give Your Gifts To Your Groomsmen?


In basic wedding etiquette, it’s a must to show your appreciation to your groomsmen — the very people who will help you plan for and turn your wedding into a beautiful reality. While there are many unique groomsmen gifts available out there, the question remains: When is really the best time to give them to your groomsmen?

When To Hand Out Groomsmen Gifts

Gifts are tokens of appreciation anyone would surely appreciate. When you particularly hand out unique groomsmen gifts, you can convey your gratitude in an extra special way. Here are the best options as to when you should give your presents to your groomsmen.

When you’re inviting them to be your groomsmen. Looking for that extra push that will entice your prospective groomsmen to say “yes” to you? Apart from an invitation card, a digitally sent message, or a simple oral request, you can consider handing out your groomsmen gift as early as the “proposal” stage.

When you’re having a rehearsal dinner. This is one of the most common times when grooms (and brides) give their gifts to their groomsmen (and bridesmaids). One big reason is practicality: Everyone who plays a role in the wedding should be present at that event.

When you’re at your bachelor party. Before weddings happen, bachelor parties are held — and these events are organized by the groomsmen. You can make the most of the momentum and show how much you appreciate their efforts during this memorable occasion.

When you’re an hour away from the wedding. Distributing gifts during this time is more convenient because all your groomsmen will be in one place. It can also help ease out those pre-wedding jitters.

When you’re at the wedding reception. Typically, this is the last chance you have if you want to seize the momentum and personally hand out your gifts to your groomsmen. The special day is nearing its end and it’s only fitting to express your thanks to these important people who helped you pull off an important event before it comes to a close.

When you’re out for a groomsmen’s lunch after the wedding. If you didn’t really have the time to give groomsmen gifts during the options listed above, here’s what you can do. You can gather all your groomsmen and take them out for lunch and use that opportune time to give your tokens of appreciation to them. It’s advisable to do this immediately before or after your honeymoon vacation (depending on how close it’s scheduled to your wedding) before everyone gets busy with their own lives.

Things You Should Consider

As much as there are many things you have to take into account when choosing unique groomsmen gifts, you also have to consider various factors when deciding the time to give these presents finally.

First is the kind of gift you’re giving. If your gifts are cuff links that should be worn on the wedding day, you should definitely give it before the wedding day. If the gifts are on the bulkier side — e.g., wine sets or poker sets — then you should give it to them when they can conveniently take them home.

Also, it’s more special if all your groomsmen are present in one place. Check their availability first if you’re handing out the gifts before the big day. If you choose to give it on the wedding day, choose a time when they or you are not busy.

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