The Importance of Apparel and Product Design

 The fashion industry is a vast one, from the high fashion streets of France and New York down to the commercial apparel brands, fashion is fashion. The same way style and apparel design are both arts, and that product design and development course are just as important as studying fashion design. They all fall in the same art spectrum of designing clothes for people to wear, despite the station in life.

Indeed, people feel as if clothes and other apparel are merely a basic necessity, there those who appreciate and value the art and the work behind it. A jacket may seem and look cool to wear, but it would not be if it was not for apparel and product design that aims for comfort, functionality, and aesthetic at the same time. Without product designers, consumers would not enjoy these benefits of their daily clothes.

In this article, we would further talk about the importance of apparel and product design. So whether you are a reader curious about it or you are someone who is looking for validation to take a product design and development course in Singapore, sit back and read on.

The definition of apparel design

Fashion or apparel design is the artistic process of designing aesthetic pieces to clothes, influenced by comfort, style, and function. It is when experts conceptualize about how a piece of clothing could be improved and revolutionized. Let us take a look at how dresses and corsets evolved, yes there is the factor of functionality to consider, but also time. As time goes by, societal norms change, and so do the trends. Apparel design is to continuously create clothing pieces that would suit people’s needs, taste, and preferences.

Apparel designers have their very own way to do this. When we talk about sewing, there are patterns to give life to, threads to intertwine, and fabrics to choose from: there are other variables such as the colour, the proportion, the detail, the construction, the silhouette, the shades, and even the tile models. Everything is all the intricate steps of the creative process that would yield quality clothes for people.

The importance of apparel design

As aforementioned, time does play a critical role in designing apparel. What people wear during the 1800s would not suit people today. However, it does not mean that the Victorian style is gone and forgotten, fashion and apparel design also means to preserve. Today, Victorian-inspired dresses and coats are still felt in the fashion industry. It can even be considered as trends. Apparel designers are not only creators but also they make sure that the fashion and its history would all remain. Taking the best bits about the trend and modernizing it today. Corsets are good examples of these modernized fashion product development, as women today have girdles to enhance and accentuate their curves, the way Victorian women did three centuries ago.

Without apparel and product development, traditional corsets before would cease to exist, and its use would no longer be needed. While the media has been empowering women about their bodies, the use of modernized corsets now falls to preferences and needs, especially with fitness and wellness.

Lastly, product and apparel design also mean that invention. What do you think began trends? Designers. Apparel designers are influencers on their right, they can make a style popular, a colour iconic, and a fabric famous. When fashion experts and apparel designers say that elephant pants are still trendy, consumers believe so. They are experts for a reason, and with proper fashion tips and guidance, elephant pants did a comeback in the trends during 2017.

Being a fashion and apparel designer means you keep history, develop them, and even innovate design ideas, and lead the trend.

Why should you enrol to a product design and development course?

First and foremost, the fashion and apparel industry is a booming one. Not to mention that it is a basic human need, people nowadays, clamour over their style and their wardrobes. People naturally are inclined to want to look better for themselves and other people. Wearing good apparel design and brand boost people’s confidence, and it subconsciously helps them to succeed in their everyday struggles.

Just like with the food industry, you would learn so many theories and applications when you enrol in a product design and development course. You would learn why it is important to have deep pockets instead of shallow ones, and why buttons have intervals the way they do. Designing apparel is similar to cooking food. There are many things you could learn as to why, and you would be shocked that it makes perfect sense. To gain this understanding of something is one of the best benefits of studying product design and development. Also, you could design apparel products that can help people, even those with special needs. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine what you can do and who you could help out.

In conclusion

Speaking of possibilities, it is also important to note that when you study product design and development, it is a step closer to being in the fashion industry. Yes, it is a vast industry, but you are already in, the moment you sew together your first dress or your first pair of pants. If you are dreaming to be the next Vivienne Westwood, then taking a course is your first step towards that goal. Everything might be hard at first, when you gawk at a space, thinking about it. So just do it. Who knows? One day, from product design and development student, you would be a world-class designer from Singapore in New York fashion week.

Fashion may be vast, but it is exciting and rewarding if you have the determination to excel at it. If you want to take a course about apparel design and product development in Singapore, visit our website, and start your journey today.

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