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A lot of children grow up being taught how to draw. Drawing is one of the fundamental skills that kids are being taught when they are still toddlers up to kids’ age. Aside from that, children are also fundamentally taught about colors and shapes. With that, one of the things that they most appreciate and like when they are still young are drawings and colors, including cartoons. To be able to teach children well; this goes the same for adults, the audience has to relate to what he/she is watching. And it is the common connotation that cartoons are for children. 

Technology is also rapidly changing, so the entertainment world has gone from just creating 2D cartoons to high definition animation. The animation is even incorporated into live-action movies and shows to give a more magical feel to realism. Nonetheless, even if a lot of things have changed in the world and also with children’s likes-how some of them prefer to play digital games these days than traditional games and toys, one thing remains untouched and unchanged, that is, children’s love for cartoons and animation.

With this, here are aha videos that are applicable for kids and that they will surely love. These movies are good for children and also for families. You can watch many animated films in aha movies.

Hanuman vs. Mahiraavana is a 2018 animated film directed by Ezhil Vendan. The story of Hanuman vs. Mahiraavana is an epic adventure. This animated film is about the hero, Hanuman and his battle with the king of Pataala Mahiraavana. In this story, Rama and his army of monkeys attempt to save princess Sita from Ravana of Lanka, the demon king. Mahiraavana from the Underworld is a powerful sorcerer who is Ravana’s brother, helps him and captures Rama and Lakshmana. Hanuman, Rama’s friend, comes to save them. Will Hanuman be able to save his friend? Or will they lose to the brothers, Ravana and Mahiraavana? This story is a tale of allies and foes, of friendship and of family.

Luv Kushh: The Serpent King is an animated film directed by an Indian director, Rajiv Chilaka. In this film, the serpent king does everything he can in order for him to be the most powerful demigod with which he decides to kidnap Sugriva. The serpent king needs the magical mantra but Luv Kushh would not let him get what he wants. This film, on the other hand, was released in the year, 2012. This story is another epic magical story that is really great for children. This story is about good and evil as Sarp Raj is being stopped from having the magical mantra by Lord Ram and Sita’s twin sons.

There are so many other great Indian animated Telugu cartoon movies that are suitable for children. These animated films have really great stories that teach children valuable lessons in life that they can also apply in their day to day living, and even when they have all grown up. These films do not just provide visual aesthetics but also teach children a lot of values.

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