How Did Sandy Cheeks Die? All The Details Here!

Many anime series and cartoons are streamed every day. Kids and adults too watch such shows. If you are a SpongeBob SquarePants fan, we have bad news. Many people love the SpongeBob SquarePants show. There are many characters in the show. If you are reading this article, you likely want to know more about Sandy Cheeks, one of the show’s main characters. 

You would be sad to know that Sandy Cheeks of the SpongeBob SquarePants show died on March 1, 2022. The internet witnessed the sharing of news by several users. The person behind the fantastic character of Sandy Cheeks died. Many users might not be aware of this news. It would be best if you read this article to know how did sandy cheeks die.

Who Is Sandy Cheeks?

Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel on the SpongeBob SquarePants show. Her character is portrayed as a thrill-seeker. Sandy Cheeks loved karate and sports. From the front, Sandy was born and brought up in Texas. Sandy was always proud of her Southern culture and traditions. 

The character also served as a lead vocalist and bassist. She served in the group called “The Infection.” The show’s main character, SpongeBob SquarePants, also served in the band with Sandy. The band was founded in 1997 by both characters. Also, Sandy Cheeks was the founder of another band named The Secret But Not So Secret Band. She also served as a lead vocalist in a solo group.  

Who Played Sandy Cheeks In SpongeBob SquarePants?

who played the role of sandy cheeks

Sandy Cheeks on the SpongeBob SquarePants is played by Sandra Jennifer Olivia “Sandy” Cheeks. Sandy was born on November 17. There is no official word about her birth year. Her character mainly portrayed an American squirrel with other characters like SpongeBob and Patrick. Sandy also had a glass tree dome in an oval shape which was filled with air. The crown helped her in breathing easily. 

Who Is The Voice Actor Behind Sandy’s Character? 

Caroline Lawrence gives the voice behind the character of Sandy Cheeks. The character of Sandy is known to be full of excitement and thrills. She loves karate, sports, and rodeos. Sandy is portrayed to belong to Texas, gaining a southern accent. Sandy talks in a strong Southern accent and uses Southern slang or words. Words spoken by her mainly consist of the sound of “Y” in them. Such as “Howdy” with a ‘Y.’ 

How Did Sandy Cheeks Die? 

How Did Sandy Cheeks Die

The death of Sandy Cheeks is fictional. Some people might assume that the voice actor behind the character has died. Although, many fans have been disheartened after hearing the news about Sandy’s death as her character was loved on the show. It has come to light that the essence of Sandy Cheeks died in an episode aired on March 01.  

Sandy loves her hometown and feels homesick. After remembering the fond memories of her home, she plans to leave for her hometown, as seen in the ” Texas ” episode. She leaves her swimwear base to go to her hometown. It has been come to know that Sandy died by committing suicide. She died from overdosing on alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, as revealed in an autopsy after being found lifeless in her Arlington home. 

She died on July 15, 2017, and her body was discovered two days after The Infection band performance. After making the SOS, the band manager called the police about Sandy’s death. The band manager noticed that Sandy had not reported to rehearsals for a few days. After this, he called 911 and later found she was dead. 

Main Cause Behind Sandy’s Death

The primary cause behind Sandy Cheeks’ death was an overdose. She consumed alcohol, cocaine, and heroin to the fullest extent. As a result, her body could not take it and gave up because of overdosing. Consuming drugs at any level is harmful. However, Sandy overdosed on multiple medications, which led to her untimely death. 

You should also know that Sandy has been battling depression since 2002. Everyone thought that she was a free spirit and energetic. But, very few people learned about her depression. The cause of her depression becoming severe was her father’s death. Her cousin Layne Stanley and father, Matthew Rodger Cheeks Sr., both committed suicide, leading her to depression. 

In the end, Sandy has to rely on drugs and alcohol to protect her mental health from rotting into depression. After the battle with depression became difficult, Sandy overdosed on drugs and committed suicide. 

Fans’ Reaction Towards Her Death

Many fans were deeply hurt after coming to know that Sandy was dead. Her character may have been anxious or depressed on the show, but thousands of fans still loved her. Some fans took to their social media accounts to express their condolences about Sandy’s untimely death. 


1. Why did Sandy take drugs and alcohol?

Sandy was facing depression. To cope with the depressing thoughts and anxiety, she had to rely on drugs and alcohol to maintain her mental health. 

2. Who discovered Sandy’s death?

The band manager discovered Sandy’s death after observing that she had not been joining rehearsals for the last couple of days. 

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