Six tourist places to visit in Madikeri (Coorg)

Madikeri is also referred to as Mercara and is Coorg’s capital. This visually appealing hill town is located amidst the Western Ghats at a height of about 1,452m above sea level. You can get to experience the green nature filled with woody slopes, misty mountains, colourful scenery, dense tropical forest, cascading falls, spice, coffee and tea plantations. This place can be rightly termed to be a paradise for all nature enthusiasts. It has also earned the nickname of ‘Kashmir of South’ and ‘Scotland of India’. Several attractions are present here some of which is really worth the visit. You should try to find the top resorts in madikeri for family to stay.

List of places to visit in & around Madikeri

  • Chiklihole Reservoir: If you have time, you can include this place to your itinerary. This place is free from crowds and offers tourists with some peace and calm. The dam can be a wonderful backdrop to arrange picnics and take selfies. You can feel the refreshing atmosphere. The locals pronounce this place as ‘Chikli-holey’. It is located between Kushalnagar and Madikeri towns in Coorg district. It is close to Nanjarayapattana town and only 15 kms away from Madikeri. River Cauvery, a tributary is what waters this reservoir. The dense forest in the surrounding is rich with flora & fauna, thereby adding charm to this place. It is well-known for its scenic beauty and attracts photographers and nature lovers. You can also get to view the sunset. To enjoy the tour, you should visit between June & March months. It is also close to Dubare Reserve Forest. If you love adventure sports, then do indulge in nature walks or trekking.
  • Abbey Falls: It is also called ‘Abbi Falls’. Being just a kilometre away from the town, you can walk to this destination and enjoy its natural beauty. Previously, it was called ‘Jesse Falls’ and is still a popular picnic spot among the locals. It is located between the spice estates and coffee plantations of the region. A hanging bridge has been constructed to offer amazing views of the waterfall. Early winter is the best time to visit this place.
  • Harangi Dam: It is located near Kushalnagar in Hudgur Village. It is constructed over River Cauvery’s tributary. It is also the very first dam to be built over this river, with a length of 846m and height of 47m. You are sure to enjoy the view from the dam. It is also a common place for family outing, where you can spend quality time with your children and spouse. From Madikeri town, this dam is located at a distance of about 36km. You can experience here privacy and seclusion since it is less crowded. Cool gentle breeze and calm setting is what compels locals and tourists alike to visit here, especially between August & September months. You may even opt to stay at the public works department guest houses here. Besides nature lovers, those religious at heart also visit here to pray at a temple that is located adjacent to the dam.
  • Dubare Elephant Camp: This camp has been established on Kaveri river’s banks and is a popular place to visit. Wildlife enthusiasts can be found to come here from all parts of the globe. If lucky, you may get to see wild elephants up close in their wild habitats. The forest department is responsible for the maintenance of this forest. Previously, elephants were said to have been trained here to participate in the Mysore Dussehra event. However, presently they serve tourists by providing jungle rides and trained under naturalists. During the elephant ride, your guide will provide details on elephant biology, ecology, history and that of the region. You can also give bath to the elephants with the waters of the Cauvery river, fee them with coconuts, banana, sugarcane, jaggery and ragi. The ride is offered for approximately 45 minutes between 10am & 12noon and 4pm & 5pm. You may also plan to stay at the Jungle cottage offered by the forest department to spend the night here out in the wild.
  • Omkareswara Temple: This is a popular temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, constructed in 1820 by Linga Rajendra. From Madikeri town, the distance is just about a kilometre and is known for its architectural beauty. This temple boasts of having both Gothic and Islamic architecture style. A pool is also created before the temple for devotees to take bath and purify themselves. Four minarets are constructed along with a dome at the centre. A small footpath leads to the main mandap where the Shivalinga, referred to as ‘Omkareshwara’ is kept. Daily rituals are performed here.
  • Honnamana Kere Lake: It is considered to be Coorg’s largest lake and manages to attract tourists in huge numbers throughout the year. This lake is located close to Sulimalthe village in Daddamalthe, about six kilometres away from Somwarpet town. The latter is considered to be one of Coorg’s Taluks. Both nature lovers and religious tourists are attracted to this lake. It has been named after Goddess Honnamma. A temple is also constructed on the banks of the lake dedicated to this goddess. According to local stories, she is known to have sacrificed her life to ensure well-being of her people. Gowri Pooja is one of the festivals celebrated here with great fanfare. During this occasion, several newly-wedded couples tend to visit the lake to pray and seek blessings from the great goddess. You are also likely to be stunned by the scenic beauty of the place around the lake. It is enclosed by coffee plantations, cliffs and mountains. There are two hills named Mori Betta and Gavi Betta. Besides sightseeing, you can engage in different types of outdoor activities like fishing and boating. You may also visit nearby attractions in Somwarpet town, Mallalli Falls, Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

There are indeed lots of exciting activities to indulge in & around Madikeri. But make sure to book one of comfortable resorts in madikeri for family to ensure being fully relaxed throughout the tour.

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