Platforms to Create, Sell and Promote Products with your Brand

A very interesting way to keep your customers or followers happy is to give them something useful and what better way to do it than by giving them a product with a design that identifies you, in that way you promote products with your brand that, in turn, you can sell on your web or social networks.

Today we have many online platforms to create products with our own designs or with your brand, given free rein to our creativity so that you can either offer it as a gift or as an option to buy for an event or a way to monetize your blog, generate income for a cause, it is already a matter of evaluating what your objective is with it.

I’m going to show you the platforms to create the most popular online merchandising products, their functionality and then you decide which one to keep, let’s see:


With a variety of products to personalize or buy those that are already on sale. It allows you to create your online store with your designs and get some good peels promoting them for your event, blog / website, etc. There is no minimum order, you design and they take care of shipping.

Teespring: Similar to the Toaster, you can choose for yourself, products already designed for a certain occasion (Valentine’s Day, birthdays, parties, events, or, choose an item, such as a t-shirt or sweatshirt, upload your own design and voila!


You can buy the products already designed or create your own and sell them. Each design step that you incorporate will increase the cost of the product and you set the sale price. Either uploading your own designs or opening your own store with them. If you order in large quantities you have significant discounts.

Lil Peep Merch store

We, at the Lil Peep gothboiclique merch store keep the needs of our customers to the highest standards. Therefore, we understand that buying goods at exorbitant prices can be costly and that is why our team works hard to deliver better quality products at reasonable prices. At LilPeep Merch we have organized our clothing store in a very simple way, so you can enjoy shopping without any problems. Whether it’s a Hellboy t-shirt or Angels Protect Me Hoodie, you can get just a few clicks from buying your favorite outfit.

At we sell most of the hottest vintage items from Lil Pip’s new fashion items. Our store contains Lil peep sad face hoodies as well, black and white t-shirt, hats, beanies, pants, jackets and shoes and other accessories for fans.


I met her thanks to the fact that I follow the FanPage of the Outlander series (seeeee this greataaaaa and I got a link where they put mugs for sale with phrases of the protagonists or images and they were successful. These types of platforms are managed with campaigns. You choose the product, upload your design and set a profit target for a period of time that will last for the campaign that you must also configure. You can create discount coupons and others. If you don’t sell anything, nothing happens, you can continue to sell one product at a time. And the earnings are entered into a PayPal account.

La Tostadora

This website is surely better known to many. It works like any advertising company, in which you can choose which product to print with your designs and order in quantity for your event, as a gift to your company, etc. But the cool thing is that it allows you to create your own online store with your own designed articles, you can create your products with that phrase that identifies you, the slogan you use the most for your daily life or some drawing or logo that you like, you can publish it on networks social networks or insert in your blog or website and earn extra money when your users buy and promote your brand.


Another platform to create your custom t-shirts for that event you have in mind, like crowdfunding, create your design, set the sales objective of your campaign and they take care of everything, if you don’t sell, nothing happens, they won’t charge you nothing, if you sell, the profit will be credited to your account.


Very similar to TeeChip, but with less variety of products, you can design and create a campaign with the price and sales target in a certain time. But also, through TeezilyPlus, you can create your store with your designs and sell them and they take care of the stamping and shipping to your client. You have the option to also integrate it with the Woocommerce or Shopify platforms.


Maintaining the same system as the previous ones, you can create your merchandising products online for free. You upload the design, slogan or logo, create a collection of free merchandising products, and to create a store, you are given an ID and name, you will have to optimize the names so that they are displayed both in the general Cafepress store or in your own, where you will direct your customers to buy your designed products

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