Must-Have Offers of Your Child’s IB Primary School

Do you have plans on enrolling your kids in a centre that offers International Baccalaureate or IB Primary Years Programme in Singapore? Well, your child would be on the right path for their efficient development and learning for their early education. You only need to find the perfect institution that will bring out the best in them during childhood.

Start by asking around your household as some of your relatives might know an educational partner that can guide and teach your kids flawlessly. Be specific with your requirements that it should be an IB centre that offers a primary years programme for their topnotch learning. You may also ask for some endorsement if they have already enrolled their child on the same curriculum.

Never forget your peers who are also familiar with IB primary school programmes in Singapore. Get to know more about the said learning scheme before you even decide to send your kids for schooling there. You may never know; they might have updated their educational modules that you also need to consider.

It will also help if you do your online research to learn more about IB primary school programmes. Look for credible sites that share detailed information on the things you should expect as soon as you decide to enrol your kids with them. It would be great to set these expectations before they even start schooling with their institution.

Some parents may have published their experiences with such curriculums online. Hence, these testimonials will also help you decide whether the IB primary years programme is the right learning path for your kids to take. Be cautious if you’re reading negative comments, as these are clear signs that you need to reconsider your options immediately.

Nevertheless, be ready by yourself and prepare a checklist of the different things your IB PYP institution in Singapore must provide. But would you know what these must-have offers are? Then read through this article as here are some of them that will guide you to the right learning partner today:

Topnotch Curriculum

First and foremost, check their offered curriculum and see if they have subjects that fit your learning requirements. These include the basic ones like English, Science, and Mathematics that should be taught initially in their IB primary school. You may request a detailed lesson plan to determine if they follow a system that will guide them effectively.

It is also essential that they offer advanced courses whenever you want your kids to continue learning at your chosen international high school in Singapore. These include subject offers that focus on different curriculums that are ideal when you want them to move forward with their education. Again, check their lesson plan before enrolling to know what you’ll expect.

Must-Have Schooling Offer: It would also be great if they offer bilingual learning modules for kids. These are perfect if you want them to master both English and Mandarin language while in the region. Look for anIB PYP school that has such offers for their more efficient education.

Experienced Mentors

Apart from their modules, it is also crucial that you check on their mentors and see if they have enough experiences to be your learning partners in the region. It may only be a challenge to gauge whether they’re experts in the field or not. But you can always ask for some assistance from your IB primary school to verify these.

Request for their credentials – if they allow – for your quick reference and checking. Most international schools in Singapore keep these records since your kids are meeting with mentors from different countries. Thus, it’s also your option to somehow know more about their teachers before leaving them for their classes.

Must-Have Schooling Offer: Look for aninternational primary and high school with a roster of mentors from different parts of the world. It doesn’t only teach your kids to be friendly with other people, but it will also immerse them in other cultures that their teachers might introduce during their class.

Out-of-Room Activities

It is also a must that they lead your kids out of their rooms and engage them in different events helpful for their IB PYP learning. These include co-curricular activities that will expose them to the reality of their environment. It is also when they meet and socialize with other students or mentors outside their classrooms.

Choose a schooling institution that offers school programmes that encourage your kids to be physically and emotionally active. Check if they host sports fests, art fairs, field trips, or enrichment events that will hone their out-of-classroom skills and talents. Best if they hold these happenings regularly for your kids to look after too.

Must-Have Schooling Offer: It would also look great if their IB primary school hosts community services in Singapore. These include visits to charity homes, local organizations, and nursing institutions that will hone them to be socially aware of their surroundings in the region. It’s also a great way to instil in them the right mindset as they grow older.

Extra Services

Nonetheless, find an IB primary school that can be your one-stop schooling partner with all the services they can provide while your kids are with them. These include their topnotch in-school facilities, medical assistance, learning workshops, accommodation offers, and food provisions. Wouldn’t it be great if they can provide all these offers?

Then enrol your kids on the IB primary years programme of Hillside World Academy and enjoy all these must-have offers from them today! They also have a dedicated private bus service to ensure your kids will arrive and go home from school safe. Check their website now to learn more about their schooling offers for you and your kids.

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