Most romantic destination in and around Bangalore to visit with your partner

The IT hub of India, Bangalore is also a budding destination for the getaways for the couples. While the hustle and bustle of city life offer a plethora of entertainment, shopping and food experiences for the couples Germany wedding venues to go on dates, the short getaways from the city make grounds for nature escapades and some quality time together.

While the historical places, parks and experience centers of Bangalore don’t fall short in making for some special time with your partner, there are also a plethora of places for Bangalore day outing to be a romantic one. Here are some of the most romantic destinations in and around Bangalore to visit with your partner.

Bangalore Palace

Not just revered for its elegance and old-world charm, Bangalore Palace is a replica of the Royal British Palace in Berkshire with some classic royal beauty, ballroom romance, and sprawling architecture. A visit to Bangalore Place with your partner is much like visiting an old castle and hopping on a royal horse carriage to treat your partner with true royalty. If you have been long thinking of going on a royal date – this is one!


Just a short drive from Bangalore the village of Ramanagara has every reason to quality as a date trip. Ramanagara is known for its vineyards and the wine-making business that surrounds the place. While natural beauty, adventurous activities and more surround the destination, this can be a perfect getaway for the couples that love wine. Spend time walking through the vineyard, go wine tasting and spend a wonderful evening connecting on something you both love!

Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

With flower show, best of tropical plants, mighty aquarium and a silent Lake, the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is the cult place for the couples to spend an evening together. Walking through the pathways of the park with your partner’s hand in hand, it’s a rather interesting place to look at all the natural beauty around with importance on details, pleasant beauty, and floral wonders. While the city lives in chaos, this garden is a breath of respite.

Nandi hills

Magnificent, charming and magical – Nandi Hills is Bangalorean’s favorite getaway. Perched in the village of Nandidurg, the Nandi Hills is a mountain with a Nandi temple atop and a waterfall. The mesmerizing view of the Nandi Hills and its valley from the top is a true beauty to spend time around. Lounge at the resorts near Bangalore known for adventure and luxury experiences and seek the early sunrise to make the most of the trip. Discovery Village is one of the most amazing luxury adventure resorts for exciting activities, rejuvenation, and relaxation.

Hebbal Lake

One of the quaint lakes known for its silent charm and bird population surrounding the jungles, Hebbal lake makes for a perfect getaway for couples who love nature. Just a short ride from Bangalore, the Hebbal Lake disconnects from the noise of the city life and brings you close to the chirping of birds, soft breeze of air and the beauty of a silent sunset by the lake. Go camping, trek through the jungles or just spend some quality time by the lake, the date comes to an end with lounging services at Bangalore near resorts.

Cubbon Park

 A major reason for Bangalore to be tagged as the ‘Garden City’ is the Cubbon Park. With blooming trees, shady groves and blossoming flower beds, the park is a rather charming experience for the couples in love. Be it an evening with your partner in a park or watching the moonlight while sipping on some cola – Cubbon Park is nestled right in the middle of the city to make the most of your busy lifestyle and sneak out some time for your love interest.


For some off-beat experiences with your partner in the magical beauty of nature, Sakleshpur is the closes romantic destination from Bangalore. As you camp by the riverside and sign up for some thrilling adventurous experiences, the sweet sound of the river and wilderness around sets the mood right for some quality romantic time. Watch the stars illuminate your moments as you spend some quality time drafting new experiences, indulging into long conversations and creating memories together.

For the love birds in Bangalore, the options to bond with your love interest are plenty. All you need is a day off and mood to make your partner feel truly special. Where are you heading to?

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