How to Choose an Optional Subject, and Why Sociology is Safer in UPSC?


Whenever we talk about the UPSC examination, the optional Subject comes first. Students want to select their optional Subject from the beginning. But before you choose your optional, you need to be aware of certain things. Because choosing the wrong optional Subject can ruin your whole preparation and demotivate you about the examination. 


There are more than 25 optional subjects available. From all of those, you have the liberty to choose your optional Subject which will have two different papers with a different syllabus. So you need to take the selection of optional seriously as it can highly affect your total score in this examination.


The following are a few things you should keep in mind while choosing your optional Subject.


●    Your preference:

As there will be two papers on this single Subject, you have to study a lot in this particular Subject. Also, as it will be your optional Subject, which you have to choose from, there will be complex and more profound questions from this one. So to answer those questions, you should have a fundamental understanding of the concepts and deeper knowledge about the current situations that coincide with the Subject. 


To tackle all these for an extended period, the Subject should be of your preference. So look at the list of optional subjects and then find out which topics you have a likeness. You may find only one Subject or multiple ones.


●    Look at the syllabus:

Once you know which subjects excite you the most, look at the syllabus of both papers. Find out if you have enough time to cover all those syllabi If you find the topics exciting enough for you. 


Observe your thoughts about that particular Subject and find out if that will be the right option for you. If you have multiple subjects of your likeness, you should go through the syllabus of each and find out which one excites you the most.


●    Read some introductory chapters:

Reading some introductory chapters of the optional Subject you have chosen will help you know if that excites you. That way, you will be able to see if you want to continue with the same Subject.


These are some ways you can pick an optional subject that you like and have a more detailed syllabus and excite you to read more.

If you choose sociology as your optional Subject, you will have some extra benefits.


Sociology optional coaching is readily available in almost every UPSC coaching center due to the simplicity of the Subject. This has a comparably more detailed syllabus, describing the topics in the UPSC sociology syllabus, making it easier for the aspirants.


So if you are going for sociology subject coaching, you should look for some advanced help for your teachers. Because Physics notes, materials, and lecture videos are available for free on the internet. Doubt classes, current affairs regarding Sociology and mock tests, etc., should be there if you are going for any coaching.


As it is a smaller syllabus than others, you should take less time to complete the whole sociology syllabus. And that’s why before you choose your sociology coaching, make sure it is time-bound and does not elongate your preparation process. 


Bottom line:


Sociology optional coaching is a better way to complete your syllabus faster with a deeper understanding, widen knowledge, and improve answer writing abilities. As your optional Subject will significantly impact your overall score, you need to take time before you choose the same.

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