Handy Explores Unbelievable Places That Actually Exist


The beauty of Mother Earth cannot be described in words. You must have taken loads of pictures of scenic mountains, lakes, forests, etc. whenever you have come across them in your journey. There are many such incredible and enchanting places on our planet that it’s hard to imagine that they actually exist in this real world. Handy lists out some of these places.

The Places

  1. Maldives – The Glowing shores of Vaadhoo – The breathtaking bluish-white glow that sparkles on the shores of the beach of Vaadhoo is simply breathtaking. It looks as if they are acting as a mirror to the star-studded sky above and it feels no less than a fairy tale. The reality behind this shimmer is the planktons found in abundance in the water which is closer to the shore. The phytoplankton is famous for its unique feature of bioluminescence. This is because their cell membrane reacts to the electrical signals and makes them glow.
  1. The Philippines – The Enchanted River – The mystery that surrounds the Hinatuan river popularly known as the Enchanted River makes it one of the most unbelievable places to exist on Earth. One of the cleanest natural bluish rivers, it is around fifty to eighty meters deep. Local residents believe that fairies and elves dwell in that river and many fishermen have claimed seeing two females with long hair with alabaster skin swimming and then just disappearing as a bunch of fireflies.

With the abundance of fishes in the river, it still remains a mystery why the fishermen are unable to catch any no matter which method they use. Every noon for an hour, all are asked to step outside the river. The Hinatuan hymn is played and suddenly all fishes sprung up to grab food thrown by the caretakers.

  1. United States of America – Fly Geyser – Privately owned by Todd Jaksick, Fly Geyser is a geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada. Twelve feet tall, this geyser is not a natural phenomenon but a result of a mistake of humans. In search of geothermal energy, a company in 1964 either didn’t properly cap the well or left it unplugged.

As a result, there was a continuous accumulation of minerals, creating the travertine around it. There is a continuous five-foot jet of water thrown above into terraces. These terraces discharge water directly into almost forty pools. This marvelous sight of jet water sprayed above the beautiful mound is simply a sight to behold!

  1. Turkmenistan – The Door to Hell – Situated in Derweze at the Karakum Desert, this Door to Hell Gas crater is also a product of the mistake of humans. Some Soviet geologists were drilling in the area back in 1971 when they accidentally touched a cavern filled with natural gas. The ground collapsed and left open a large hole of seventy meters in diameter. They were concerned about the discharge of poisonous gas in the environment.

In order to prevent this, they decided to burn off the gas. They thought the gas would get extinguished within a day, but they were surprised to see that the gas kept on burning. It’s been more than forty years now and this Door to Hell is still burning, attracting thousands of visitors annually.


With such an amazing list of unbelievable places, you might be tempted to visit them when you plan your next vacation. However, you should be careful while visiting these unbelievable places. Handy believes that the most beautiful things in the world can sometimes be the deadliest.

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